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We are a newly established committee within the GSA. We meet on (some) Thursdays at 5 pm in the Bamford. Our goal is to coordinate with EcoHusky and improve the environmental impact of UConn in general - but the thing we want to start with is improving our own department!

World bw.png

Our current agenda:

  • creating an official Green Grads student organization
  • in cooperation with the T-shirt committee: EEB tote bags. check out the logo contest!
  • audit of energy consumption for our buildings
  • promoting public transportation and biking instead of driving: perhaps a big "green transportation day" event?
  • promoting recycling and using reusable utensils
  • reducing waste at catered events, e.g. the Graduate Research Symposium and the Teale lectures: providing non-disposable plates and silverware (and washing them afterwards); collecting leftovers for the grad lounge.
  • facilitate the transition of the student COOP to a plastic bag-free style: we may have another logo contest, this time campus-wide!
  • Earth Day, April 22nd: this is going to be HUGE. And the Green Grads will be there!
  • ...

Things YOU can do TODAY:

  • Print and copy on both sides of the page
  • Recycle all plastics labeled 1-7 in departmental bins
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator
  • Ride the bus/carpool

Task Volunteer
Elevator & Bathroom flyers Karolina & Leah
Task 3 Volunteer 3
Task 4 Volunteer 4
Task 5 Volunteer 5
Task 6 Volunteer 6
Task 7 Volunteer 7
Task 8 Volunteer 8
Task 9 Volunteer 9
Task 10 Volunteer 10

Soon we'll have a sign-up sheet here with things we want to get done in the near future,
and we'd like to encourage you to sign up for one or more of them!

Maria Pickering
Krissa Skogen
Maxi Polihronakis
Carrie Fyler
Amanda Wendt
Karolina Fučíková
others are welcome

Upcoming Stuff:

  • Our next meeting: Valentine's day, Feb. 14th, 5pm, Bamford. Everyone is welcome. We'll be discussing our agenda for the spring semester.

  • Willimantic Commuters--take advantage of the carpooling options! Susan Letcher, among others, is offering rides on a regular basis. Also, the 8:30 bus still exists!!!

  • Focus the nation happening right now! Check it out here