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[[Elizabeth Wade]] <br>
[[Elizabeth Wade]] <br>
[[Leah Brown-Wilusz]] <br>
[[Leah Brown-Wilusz]] <br>
[[Vanessa Boukili]] (GSS Representative)<br>
[[Vanessa Boukili]] (Treasurer and GSS Representative)<br>
[[Tsitsi McPherson]] (OEP Liaison)<br>
[[Tsitsi McPherson]] (OEP Liaison)<br>
Brad Moser (Physics Dept.) <br>
Brad Moser (Physics Dept.) <br>
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Mary Isbell (English Dept.) <br>
Mary Isbell (English Dept.) <br>
Erik Lindquist (NEAG School of Education)<br>
Erik Lindquist (NEAG School of Education)<br>
[[Sarah Treanor]]
others are welcome, just put your name in here :)
others are welcome, just put your name in here :)

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committed to making our community more environmentally aware and active



*Next Meeting: Monday Jan. 26th, 5pm, TLS 315

  • check out this new website:
  • Stickers (for paper towels, elevators, etc.): Logo Contest
  • Batteries of all kinds can be recycled in TLS 175 (Ken Bernier), in case you didn't know!
  • POSTERS: If you feel like spreading the word about GG, or just promoting recycling or composting, here are some posters you can use File:GreenGradsPosters2.pdf

Our current agenda:

  • in cooperation with the T-shirt committee: EEB tote bags. check out the logo contest!
  • audit of energy consumption for our buildings
  • promoting public transportation and biking instead of driving: a mass transit promotional breakfast in the fall
  • promoting recycling and using reusable utensils
  • reducing waste at catered events, e.g. the Graduate Research Symposium and the Teale lectures: providing non-disposable plates and silverware (and washing them afterwards); collecting leftovers for the grad lounge.
  • Move-Out Day, Move-in Day
  • ...

Things YOU can do TODAY:

  • Conserve energy - take shorter showers, turn off your computer at night, etc.
  • Print and copy on both sides of the page
  • Recycle all plastics labeled 1-7 in departmental bins
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator
  • Ride the bus/carpool
  • Spread the word :)

Task Volunteer
stickers and recycling Vanessa, Karolina, Leah
Earth Day booth Carrie, Maxi, Krissa
Carpooling/Biking/Mass transit event Kristiina, Karolina
bags in the COOP Bryan Connolly
Move out day Tsitsi, Karolina
Symposium trash reduction Maria
Surplus garden food Bryan, Brian
Community outreach Maria, Bryan, Leah
Campus-wide PR Beth, Maria
Task 10 Volunteer 10

or see the member list below.

Faculty Advisor: Eric Schultz
Maria Pickering (Secretary)
Carrie Fyler
Amanda Wendt
Karolina Fučíková (President)
Brian Klingbeil
Bryan Connolly
Kristiina Hurme
Elizabeth Wade
Leah Brown-Wilusz
Vanessa Boukili (Treasurer and GSS Representative)
Tsitsi McPherson (OEP Liaison)
Brad Moser (Physics Dept.)
Nic Tippery
Laura Cisneros
Rachel Prunier
Suegene Noh
Tobias Landberg
Mary Isbell (English Dept.)
Erik Lindquist (NEAG School of Education)
Sarah Treanor others are welcome, just put your name in here :)

Our Constitution and Bylaws:

both amended in May 2008 - OEP liaison position added to the Bylaws and grant acquisition added as a funding option in the Constitution.

Green Links

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