Graduate Research Symposium 2008

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By popular vote this years EEB Graduate Student Symposium will be held on:

Saturday, March 1st 2008

Please mark your calendars!

Thank you to all who took our survey. The EEB Graduate Student Symposium is an all day event where graduate students present their research to other graduate students and faculty. Any EEB graduate student can present: BSMS, masters, PhD, old and new students. New graduate students usually present research ideas or preliminary data, while those more ‘seasoned’ students present their most recent results, often in preparation for upcoming spring and summer meetings.

This year we are trying out a new phenomenon, Speed Talks, in addition to our regular 15min presentations. There will be an almost unlimited number of 15min talks, and a limited number of speed talks. We would like to invite all EEB graduate students to give a 15min talk

15min Talk Title Submission Deadline: Monday, Feb 18th

Please submit titles to:
Early submission of titles is encouraged!

Abstract Submission Deadline: Self-Submitted on EEBedia after the schedule is posted

Speed Talks: Speed Talks have been seen at several large meetings over the last year (playing off the speed dating idea). These talks will be 3min presentation, PowerPoint optional. They are ideal for sharing side projects, amazing images or videos, great opportunities that others should take advantage of, or any other interesting things that you would like to share. Since this is new, we are going to have one small section of them in the afternoon. We envision these being given in addition to a regular 15min talk. If you are interested in participating in this section please let know, the actual number of these talks is still flexible but we will take these on a first come basis