Graduate Research Symposium 2008

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Date to be announced

Biological Sciences and Physics Building. Room 130

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The EEB Spring Symposium will be on Saturday, March 31st. This is an all day event where graduate students get a chance to present their research to other graduates and faculty in the department. Regardless of your research level, this symposium provides an opportunity to present project ideas and/or results in a low-stress atmosphere, and obtain valuable feedback from grads and faculty. Because this is an all day event, lunch and snacks will be provided by funds requested from the GSS by our graduate student GSS senators. Grads, please consider giving a talk.

The submission deadlines are as follows:
Title submission deadline: Monday, March 19th

Please submit titles to: Early submission of titles is encouraged!

Self Submission Abstract deadline: Monday, March 26th