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===Grad-Invited Seminar Representative===
===Grad-Invited Seminar Representative===
2008: [[Pablo Arroyo]]
:2008: [[Pablo Arroyo]]
:2007: [[Maxi Polihronakis]]

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Every year, the graduate students jointly elect a researcher to give one of the weekly department seminars, at the expense of the EEB department. The selection process is as follows:

  1. Nominations are solicited from grads for potential speakers. The nominating student must submit a brief summary of the researcher's work.
  2. Nominations are compiled and voted on by the graduate students.
  3. Researchers are contacted based on the ranked list of nominated speakers, using the following criteria:
    1. The speaker must accept the invitation to speak.
    2. Expenses to bring the speaker to UConn must be reasonable.
    3. There should be no scheduling conflicts.
  4. Grad-invited Seminar speakers are arranged about a year ahead of their visit.

Grad-Invited Seminar Speakers

29 March 2007: Arne Mooers, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada[1]

  • Conservation and Evolution: Are some animal (species) more equal than others?

Nominated Speakers

2008 (current)


Grad-Invited Seminar Representative

2008: Pablo Arroyo
2007: Maxi Polihronakis