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The EEB Grad Book Club Presents:

Musings on.....

The Structure of Evolutionary Theory

By Stephan Jay Gould


Gould, S. J. 2002. The Structure of Evolutionary Theory. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University. 1433 p.

As biologists – and evolutionary biologists at that – we all strive to retain some knowledge of the historical underpinnings of our vast discipline (or multi-disciplines) plus, at the very least, we hope to maintain a cursory understanding of the complex ideas that render evolutionary biology a controversial field. At this informal gathering we will touch upon a number of those contentious topics, and conventional topics for that matter (it’s a given that Gould will have some unorthodox spin on those well-accepted areas), and voila – we will be better EEB graduate students because of it (even if we only improve our vocabulary skills). So bring your copy of Gould and a dictionary and meet us at ….

Meeting Time:

Fridays 5pm @ The Hale

Scheduled Readings:

Date Location Readings Pages
12 September The Hale (Chp 9) The Primary Claims of Punctuated Equilibrium: Data and Definitions; The Scientific Debate on Punctuated Equilibrium: Critiques and Responses pp 765, 784–812
19 September The Hale (Chp 8) The Grand Analogy: A Speciational Basis for Macroevolution; Presentation of the Chart for Macroevolutionary Distinctiveness; The Particulars of Macroevolutionary Explanation pp 714-724
26 September The Hale (Chp 8 continued...) Reproductive drive: directional speciation; Species selection, Wright's Rule and the power of interaction with directional speciation

pp 724-735

03 October The Hale (Chp 8 continued...) Species-level drifts as more powerful than the analogous phenomena in microevolution; The scaling of external and internal environments; Summary Comments pp 735-744
10 October The Hale Chp 10: Historical Constraints and the Evolution of Development; Constraints As a Positive Concept *We are waiting on an interlibrary loan of Dennett pp 1125-1137
17 October TBA TBA
24 October TBA TBA
31 October TBA TBA
07 November TBA TBA
14 November TBA TBA
21 November TBA TBA
28 November Thanksgiving Break
5 December TBA TBA

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