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GSA Meeting Minutes
22 October 2009

Attendance: 9 souls

Officers' Reports

Karolina Fucikova (President)

As per a change in UConn policy, we need to change our official name in our constitution and bylaws. As such, Nic went over those two documents and updated them to bring them up to date, and make them less wordy.

the changes are linked here:

We will vote on these changes at/after seminar in two weeks.

Nic Tippery (Treasurer)

Suggested changes are summarized here: 1. Change the name (remove "University of Connecticut" 2. Remove the committees from the executive in the official order of succession 3. President creates ad hoc committees as she/he sees fit (these will include all of the committees that used to be part of the executive 4. Bylaws likewise simplified. 5. Voting for the executive will now happen in the last meeting of the spring semester. 6. Term of office will start July 1, to bring us into sync with the university at large

Please see the above attached documents for complete changes.

We currently have $190 dollars in the budget, which brings us to fund raising:

Kathryn Theiss (Fundraising)

We will be selling Pint glasses ($9), tshirts ($12), and totebags ($10). The goal is to have orders placed in early november, and merchandize recieved by December 1, so put your christmas orders in soon!

Bill Ryerson (GSS Representative)

1. GSS reapportioned seats, and we now qualify for a second seat, so if you want to be a senator (actually sorta fun) contact Bill 2. There is no way that we can confirm that students that miss class due to the flu are actually sick, so you will have to work out what to do if a student says that they have the flu.

Roberta Engel (Rock Representative)

The rock is a free for all, no way to reserve it, so we just need to pick a day, and have a design, and then we can paint it in honor of Mr. Darwin. If you have paint (latex) or expertise painting rocks, let Roberta know.

Alyssa Borowske (MES)

The first MES went well. The second one is this monday night, a film about wetlands in Louisiana. The committee is looking for people to talk in December, so if you had a fun adventure this summer, or know someone who had one, contact Alyssa or Kathryn.

Adam Wilson (Spring Symposium)

Committee needs to get started soon, so if you want to help plan the symposium, contact him.

Minutes recorded by Rachel Prunier.