GSA Officers 2013-2014

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Officers 2013-2014

GSA President Nora Mitchell

GSA Treasurer: Brigette Zacharczenko

GSA Secretary: Cera Fisher

Graduate Student Senators: POSITION NEEDS TO BE FILLED

Faculty Representative: TBD

Grad-Invited Seminar Committee Representative: Jon Velotta and Tim Moore

Graduate Research Symposium Committee Representatives: Jessie Rack, Johana Goyes Vallejos, Jon Velotta, Bill Ryerson, Cera Fisher

Tuesday Evening Seminar: Brigette Zacharczenko, Nora Mitchell

Welcome Committee: Jessie Rack, Holly Brown

Fundraising Committee: Brigette Zacharczenko, Michael Hutson

Barn Dance Grand High Poobah: Nora Mitchell and Kasey Pregler

Pre-Seminar Snacks Organizers: Nora Mitchell