GSA Minutes 2013 01-24

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GSA Meeting Minutes

24 January 2013


13: Kasey Pregler, Brigette Zacharczenko, Jessie Rack, Shannon Hsieh, James Mickley, Johana Goyes, Bill Ryerson, Tim Moore, Holly Brown, Rachel Rock-Blake, Cera Fisher, Manette Sandor, Michael Hutson


I 2013 Graduate Symposium (Jessie Rack, Jon Velotta, Johana Goyes, Bill Ryerson): Announcement email sent out. Date will be March 9th. Room and lobby are booked. Website is updated. Invited speaker and welcome speaker booked. Grad potluck breakfast. Last year: $800 refreshments, $350. Should ask for $1200 for food b/c of increasing prices. Copy of current budget being sent out by KP. Possible chance to do statistics on recruited students? Photo contest this year--annonuncement coming soon.

II Fundraising Committee (Brigette Zacharczenko, Cera Fisher, ?):
About $200 in account. Would like to get more money. No one could agree on Tshirt design. BZ unveiled a new tshirt design. BZ and SH have tshirt submissions, online poll? What type of shirts do people want? New tshirt committee: Brigette Zacharczenko, Shannon Hsieh, Bill Ryerson, Kasey Pregler. Have to go through special vendors to get things ordered. Company--would we have to put in whole order at once? Possibly get prototypes. Current fundraising committee? Kathryn & Johana were in charge of this last time we ordered tshirts.

III Tuesday Evening Seminar (Nora Mitchell, Brigette Zacharczenko): email to dept to recruit hosts and email to grads to bully speakers. Prob: people to host seminar. Manette Sandor (faculty rep) asked if she should bring it up at a faculty meeting--that we need hosts for TES. Flexibility in day? Doesn't have to be Tuesday.

IV Faculty Updates (Manette Sandor): new faculty member being hired. Negotiation with dean happening, HAVE a list of top candidates, faculty plan to interview some in February (not sure how many). Position: Global Change Ecology. We should encourage labmates and other grads to attend the candidates' talks.

V Professional Development Association (PDA?): A representative sent Kentwood an email requesting funds for her group. KW forwarded it to MS, who sent it to Kasey. Can we do anything to help organize? (We don't have $$!) Seems like their org will be setting up workshops and seminars for STEM grads and postdocs. Not many details. We can't think of how we can offer assistance to start this group up.

VI Social Ideas (Kasey Pregler): Potluck-style grad lunch. Once a month, ex. Salad Day, everyone could bring an ingredient or $. James Mickley: Stony Brook did "Soup Day"- one person made soup, others brought $$. Email Kasey with lunch ideas. (Cera Fisher): Social Movie Night: B movies, popcorn, people bring a couple dollars and watch movie. Projector? Fishbowl in BioPharm? Only thing: license of the movie needs to be owned by University. (Jessie Rack): Ted's social nights for grad students? Weekly or bi-weekly gathering: Mon-Wed half-priced happy hour from 4-7pm; Tuesday: Flight Night: 2 half pints for $3, and no cover charge.

VII GSS Representatives (Michael Hutson and Hayley Kilroy): Hayley is gone this semester, so Kasey Pregler will be filling in as our EEB representative. Rachel Rock-Blake: parking? Secret parking spots for grad students, but no map? Availability confusing. Bill: those spots officially don't exist. Parking changing. Grad students will get first dibs to pay $300 dollars. Area 6(?) free parking. Will get rid of resident/commuter spots, everyone will have "Areas". GSS sent a committee to talk to parking dept about limited parking.

VIII Green Grads (Hayley Kilroy): HKM revived Green Grads this past semester. On hiatus until she gets back. We will probably participate in give & go, possibly Earth Day celebration with UConn (any interest, contact Kasey.) KP is checking greenhouses for plant donations so we could sell them for green grads fundraising. KP and HKM are working on a budget for Green Grads. HKM did a LOT last semester: bike ride, movie night. Well attended. Any more info on GG, contact HKM. It will officially start again when she returns.

Meeting began at 4:30pm
Meeting adjorned at 5:15pm
Minutes recorded by Jessie Rack