GSA Minutes 2013 01-24

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GSA Meeting Minutes

24 January 2013


12: Kasey Pregler, Brigette Zacharczenko, Jessie Rack,

Officers' Reports

Treasurer's Report (Brigette Zacharczenko)
EEB GSA Finances:
Current Balance $
Spent $ (not including today’s pizza costs)
No money made (yet).





IV Fundraising Committee (Kathryn Theiss and Johana Goyes Vallejos):
Ideas: Info will be sent out soon for artwork submission. Additionally an online survey will be used to determine what the majority of students would be interested in purchasing.
T-shirts: Most attendees (coughMariacough) had no complaints about the fit of the organic cotton t-shirts purchased in previous years. Maybe tank tops?
Glassware: Both pint glasses and mugs (?) have no minimum order.
Totes bag: Minimum order of 50.
Photo submitted in 'contest' to be printed as postcards, notecards, puzzles, calendars. This idea was well received by all attendees.
Other: Windows decals, EEB customized wine bottles (not compliant with University policy).

V Green Grads (Maria Pickering): More involvement needed. Campus-wide email will be sent out in a week or so and meeting will be set-up for students to come with 'green' ideas. Pizza will be at this meeting.

VI 2013 Graduate Symposium (Jessie Rack, Jon Velotta, Johana Goyes, Bill Ryerson): Announcement email sent out. Date will be March 9th. Room and lobby are booked. Website is updated. Invited speaker and welcome speaker booked.

IX Tuesday Evening Seminar (Alyssa Borowske): 2 upcoming seminars have been arranged. Details to come.

Meeting began at 4:30pm
Meeting adjorned at 5:30pm
Minutes recorded by Jessie Rack