GSA Minutes 2011 04-21

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EEB GSA Meeting – 21 April 2011

Attendees: Alyssa Borowske, Veronica Bueno, Lauren Jones, Karolina Fucikova, Brigette Zacharchzenko, Alex DeFrancesco, James Mickley, Maria Pickering, Kathryn Theiss, Chris Owen, Elizabeth Timpe


1) Officer Elections (Bill – President)
All present at the meeting in favor of Bill Ryerson as President, Brigette Z. as Treasurer, and Elizabeth Timpe as Secretary.

2) Treasury Report (Karolina – Treasurer)
$634 in account, minus the $53 for pizza, plus ~$80 in petty cash
T-shirt sales VERY successful!
How to spend money: Barn Dance, Spring Party, Les Mehrhoff Symposium (see below) . . .

3) Les Mehrhoff Symposium, May 27th, 2011 (Beth – CCB Rep)
The Center for Conservation and Biodiversity asked for the EEB GSA’s help in running the registration table, cleaning up after morning break, and laying out the breakfast for the Les Mehrhoff Symposium on May 27th. All present at meeting interested in helping (minus AB and CO). Additionally, it was asked if we would be interested in sponsoring/running the poster session (i.e., renting the poster boards, setting up, taking down). ET will contact Dave Wagner and see how many posters are expected before committing (we need a ballpark estimate).

4) Grad Symposium Recap (Karolina – Grad Symposium Committee)
60-70 people in morning and afternoon, good faculty turnout, everything budgeted for well

5) Grad Invited Speaker (Bill / Chris)
-This year – Alan Lemon, April 26-28th.
-Chris O. organizing Alan’s stay. He asked for EEB GSA to get behind him in stirring up interest in the graduate body. Maybe volleyball and Brewpub after his talk on Wednesday.
-Additionally, the position of Graduate Invited Speaker Coordinator needs to be filled, as we need to organize next year’s speaker. No volunteers, position still vacant.

6) Suggestions for ways to get the GSA more involved (Bill)
-Involvement in Bioblitz?
-Friday soup / Friday beer?
-Snacks before Thursday seminar – this also serves to attract more grad attendance to the seminar (a recent issue of concern for faculty; see below).

7) Other
Eric Schultz contacted Bill and addressed the fact that faculty are disappointed in grad student turnout for seminar.
Ways to improve attendance:
-1st year have to take this seminar for credit?
-Lab PIs should restate the importance of going (mandatory)?
-Grads such encourage lab mates to attend?
-Seminar snack – graduate students in the hosting lab will bring snacks and coffee to the (grad lounge/bamford/collections library) before seminar. This will start next week with Alan Lemmon.

Meeting started at 5:30.
Meeting ended at 6:25.
Minutes by Elizabeth Timpe