GSA Minutes 2011 04-21

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EEB GSA Meeting – 21 April 2011

Attendees: Alyssa Borowske, Veronica Bueno, Lauren Jones, Karolina Fucikova, Brigette Zacharchzenko, Alex DeFrancesco, James Mickley, Maria Pickering, Kathryn Theiss, Chris Owen, Elizabeth Timpe


1) EEB GSA Constitution (Kasey – President)
Unanimous vote to resubmit current constitution.

2) T-shirts
T-shirts etc., in Glastonbury. KP submitted order. Waiting for confirmation from company. BZ needs confirmation on actual cost. We will order a few extras for folks who missed out. Contact BZ if want to order.

3) Updates from GSS (Michael/Hayley- GSS reps)
Someone from GSS who goes to faculty council talked to HKM about work study. He talked to graduate faculty council. They got “riled up” and there are rumors that administration might back off of that. Possible that depts might not have to pay as much. General feel that administration have been making a lot of financial decisions that affect grad students without asking...may pass a resolution that they can’t do that. WHAT ABOUT REC CENTER. Not a huge outcry about massive increase in grad fees to pay for rec center. Increase would start in 2016. BUT it’s a 30-yr increase. Building costs millions of dollars. We then have to pay back loan. Fees collected are 3x cost of building. HKM says they sound amenable to working with graduate students. Consensus among EEB GSA: more than we would want to pay. They SHOULD attempt to mitigate costs to grads.
MS(faculty rep): rumor from faculty meeting: provost might take % of work study depts owe down to 5% from 20%. Kentwood Wells has not heard anything official at this time. Graduate faculty sounds like they’re on our side. All graduate students are getting a raise next year: cost of living adjustment. 4 or 6%. Work study will be announced (?) 5/1 for grads.
KP: Any talk about parking being priced for next year? Plan was tentative as of last meeting KP attended. HKM and MH haven’t heard anything. They will ask about that the next meeting
Referendum: failed. (increase of $3 to grad fees to fund GSS events). HKM feels like it will pass eventually. It was a close vote.

4) Grad Symposium Recap (Karolina – Grad Symposium Committee)
We got our full budget for next year. Bumped budget back up, but not without concessions. One block of talks next year devoted to potential graduate student collaborators. If you DON’T advertise on listserv, they won’t reimburse you. What happened this year was that the GSS person in charge of approving emails was on vacation this year.

5) Faculty Update (Manette - Faculty rep)
What’s happening with faculty hire: Bill Anderegg said no. We don’t know if there’s an official offer letter to Morgan Tingley. Everyone seems hopeful that he will be accepting and will be here. There’s a lot of deliberation going on about what direction to go in wrt new hires. Will we be able to hire in the future, and if so, how will it work? 2 retirements coming up (Colwell, Silander) and dean has told us that we can’t do replacement hires, so they won’t be replaced, but we may get more people in the global change cluster hire. A lot of discussions about our space crisis and how to accommodate new faculty members with the current space considerations.

6) Officer Elections
Need: president; secretary. (BZ is rerunning for treasurer: uncontested) Nora Mitchell is new secretary. President - ? Send out email asking for nominations for president, then send out an email vote.

7) Fundraising Idea (Alyssa Borowske)
Sock factory in VT (Alyssa B) Sock factory- “best field socks I’ve ever had” (AB) we can get them for $2/pair. Even if we sold them for $5/pair, will make a profit. They are 2nds, but military socks. Have a box of socks in AB’s parents’ house. Possibility for fundraising.

8) Green Grads Meeting Next Week (Hayley - GG president)
Check website/ask Hayley for details.

9) Other
Dustin & Nora proposed idea: grad student handbook is really old; need to get together with beer, pizza, and editing. Kent Holsinger wants to make a departmental standard. Those requirements should be on the websites. Maybe wait until fall for updated departmental requirements? Or just edit most important sections.

Meeting started at 5:18.
Meeting ended at 5:52.
Minutes by Jessie Rack