GSA Minutes 2009-4-22

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GSA Meeting Minutes
22 April 2009

Attendance: 13 souls

Officers' Reports

Kat Shaw (Fund raising)

There is a tshirt design winner, the one that says, “EEB all inclusive”. There was lots of input from undergrads on the tshirt design. We might be able to do the recycling a used t-shirt thing. Nic pointed out that it might be cheaper and easier to buy them printed. The goal is to have T-shirts this semester, in time for graduation. Kathryn will set up a survey for picking your own colors and sizes. The price will go up to 15 dollars for new organic cotton shits. We will also do eeb glasses in the fall.

Nic suggested tug of war team shirts for next years barn dance, nicknames and numbers maybe?

Tsitsi McPherson (Spring Gathering Committee)

The committee requested a contribution from the department, does GSA want to contribute GSA money ($42.50) for prizes. Vote in favor (13:0)

Vanessa Boukili (GSS Representative)

1. got our budget approved by the senate, $200 honorarium for symposium. 2. North garage will be closed for the summer, don’t know if people will be compensated. 3. They are extending the bike lane on hunting lodge 4. The Benton is now closed many days, and might be renovated, or completely closed. 5. The university wide budget is a problem, increasing tuition by 6%. Many things reduced hours, some departments are closing, ones that don’t have students and faculty are moved to new department. 6. Tuition is going on new and renewed grants starting in July. Grants will be charged at 60% out of state tuition. 7. Each department gets a number of full time TAships, if the department wants to split them, then the department has to pay the benefits for the extra person. 8. Not useful for cutting the budget, because administrators would have to be sent to each college. General opinion is that this is bad.

Nic Tippery (GSA Treasurer)

There is ~$400 dollars, but we shouldn’t spend it, so that we have some seed money

Other Business

Other bad news

MCB to get all of 1107 TA's

Roberta Engle: Reading origin of the species

Roberta suggested that we do a marathon reading of origin of species, in the fall, to coincide with the publication date, maybe get drama department to participate, or other departments. Can get money from the GSS for things. The idea was discussed and will be thought about more later.

Minutes recorded by Rachel Prunier.