GSA Minutes 2008-09-04

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GSA Meeting Minutes
4 September 2008

Food: Giannelli’s pizza (near 4 corners, they deliver) served on our official GSA reusable lime green plates

Attendance: 15

Called to order at 4:10PM

Officer Reports


Kat Shaw reported that we have 430 dollars in our account. We were told that the GSA can no longer buy alcohol, so we should request more money from them.

Faculty Meeting Rep

Tobias Landberg attended the faculty meeting and reported that the department budget has to be slashed.

Collections Reps




Tobias Landberg reported that Margaret Rubega is the new vertebrate collections curator.

EEB Merchandise Committee

Kat Shaw reported that we have some money so we can make pre-orders of whatever it is that we are going to be selling.

Barn Dance

The barn dance needs a venue

New Officers

President: Lori Benoit
Treasurer: Nic Tippery
Secretary.: Rachel Prunier
GSS rep: Vanessa Boukili
Faculty Rep: Tobias Landberg
Botanical Collections Rep: Amy
Invert Collections Rep: Suegene
Vertebrate Rep: Tobias
Grad Symposium Committee: Jessica Budke, Molly, Adam, Juan Carlos, Karolina, Sarah
MES: Sarah
Welcome: Tsitsi
Center for Conservation and Biodiversity: Laura
Fundraising: Kat, Frank
Barn Dance: Maria, Rachel, Sarah, Karolina, Chris O.
Seminar Lunch: position closed
Undergrad: no nomination

Nic posted the Constitution and Bylaws on EEBedia

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm.