Field Methods in Fish Biology

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EEB 3898 Field Methods in Fish Biology

Summer Session I, 2014
Course Duration: June 2nd - July 3rd, 2014
Meeting Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:00 am - 12:00pm in TLS 371

Welcome to Field Methods in Fish Biology! This course is a hands-on, field based introduction to the biology of fishes and field sampling methods, with emphasis on local species.



Jonathan Velotta
Office: Biology/Pharmacy 212
Phone: (860) 486-4694
Mobile: (203) 394-7815
Office hours: by appointment

Syllabus and Course Information

Pdficon small.gif Syllabus

Working Schedule

Date Lecture Exercise Assignment
M 10 June

Introduction to fish biology and field methods

External Anatomy and finding and measuring characters
Pdficon small.gifExternal anatomy and morphometrics and meristics

Finish Lab exercise in notebook; Readings: Pdficon small.gif Field Notebook Guidelines ; Pdficon small.gif How to read a science article

T 11 June

Freshwater fishes I; Lake habitats; active gear

Beach seine Bicentennial Pond

Readings: Pdficon small.gifPoos et al 2007 JFB

W 12 June

Field trip!

Beach seine Coventry Lake

Readings: Pdficon small.gif Fink et al., 1979 (Section I)

TH 13 June

Freshwater fishes II; electroshocking gear; River habitats; Species identification and curation of fish collections

Identify, fix and preserve fish
Pdficon small.gif Fish Fixation/Preservation Protocol

Quiz I study
Field exercise report I due Monday
Pdficon small.gif Field Exercise Report Guidelines

F 14 June

Quiz I

Purse seine Crystal Lake

Finish field exercise report I

M 17 June

Freshwater fishes III; passive gear

Preserve and accession fish into collection
Pdficon small.gif Field Methods in Fish Biology Biodiversity Collection Sheet1

Pdficon small.gif Flammang and Schultz 2004 hoop nets

T 18 June

Meet at 12:30pm

Boat electrofishing Coventry Lake with DEEP and retrieval of hoop nets

Exam I study; field notebooks due Wed.

W 19 June

Exam I - field notebooks due!
Saltwater fishes of CT; fish assemblages

TH 20 June

Data collection guidelines

Backpack electrofish Fenton River with Dr. Jason Vokoun

Field Exercise report II due Friday
Pdficon small.gif Field Report II guidelines

F 21 June

Field trip!

Seine Morris Cove with NOAA

Quiz II Monday
Reading: Pdficon small.gif Neff et al. 2007, bluegill nesting behavior

M 24 June

Quiz II
Visual observations

Visual observation field trip: snorkel Bicentennial pond

Field exercise report III due Tuesday
Pdficon small.gif Field Exercise Report III guidelines

T 25 June

Seine Fenton River (final report data collection trip) with Dr. Vokoun

Reading: Pdficon small.gif scientific-writing guidelines
Pdficon small.gif Final report guidelines

W 26 June

Final report data analysis guidelines; Age analysis in fishes

Examine saltwater fishes and finalize biodiversity collection

Begin data analysis
Quiz III (saltwater fishes) study
TH 27 June

Quiz III (saltwater fishes)
Course Evaluations

Mansfield Hollow scale sample collection

Exam II study; Finish final report

F 28 June

Exam II
Final report due at 5pm by e-mail

[*changes to our field trip itinerary may be made pending weather, etc.]

Web Resources

Fish Base
CT DEEP Bookstore

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