Evolutionary Biology Spring 2016

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Midterm Preparation Resources

Study Guide for Midterm Exam now on HuskyCT
Quiz 1 Answer Key
Quiz 2 Answer Key
Quiz 3 Answer Key
Fitness landscapes explained
Practice problems (mostly from the study questions)

Lecture Schedule

Please read assigned chapters, as indicated below, prior to class
This schedule is subject to change. Check regularly for updates!

Date Topic Readings Activity or Quiz? Supplemental Materials
Part I: Jan 19 - Mar 3, Dr. Elizabeth Jockusch
Jan 19 Class organization; Introduction to the study of evolutionary biology Ch 1 A1 Study Questions

Bird-of-paradise courtship
Jumping spider courtship

Jan 21 Natural Selection on Phenotypes Ch 2, 8 Study Questions
Evolving robots
Jan 26 Natural Selection II Ch 8 A2 Study Questions

Salmon conservation in the news

Jan 28 Natural Selection, cont.: HIV Q1 Study Questions

HIV life cycle video
Quiz 1 Answer Key

Feb 2 Quantitative Genetics & Sexual Selection Ch 7, Ch 11 A3 Study Questions

Widowbird courtship

Feb 4 Sexual Selection & Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium intro. Ch. 11, Ch 6.1-6.3

Study Questions

Feb 9 Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Ch 6.1-6.3 A4 Study Questions

Hardy-Weinberg derivation for mating between individuals More about kuru and prions

Feb 11 Selection on genotypes Ch 6.6 Q2 Study Questions

Quiz 2 Answer key

Feb 16 Selection on genotypes & Genetic Drift Ch 6.4-6.5 A5 online: due before class Study Questions
Feb 18 Genetic drift, continued Ch 6.4-6.5 Study Questions
More about the evolution of sex
Feb 23 Migration, applications of population genetics Ch 6.7-6.8
note: 6.8 is only in the 2nd edition
A6 Study Guide for Midterm Exam now on HuskyCT

Study Questions

Feb 25 Nonrandom mating & Speciation I Ch 13 Q3 Study Questions
Mar 1 Speciation II Ch 13 A7 Study Questions
Mar 3 MIDTERM EXAM (100 pts)
Part II: Mar 8 - May 7, Dr. Yaowu Yuan
Mar 8 Phylogenetics: concepts and forensic applications Ch 4 A8
Mar 10 The tree of life and inferring phylogenies Ch 4, 9.3 Q4
Mar 22 Molecular evolution I Ch 5.1, 9 A9
Mar 24 Molecular evolution II Ch 9
Mar 29 Genome evolution Ch 9 A10
Mar 31 The origin of life Web sources Q5
Apr 5 Macroevolution, the fossil records, and biogeography I Ch 13, 14 A11
Apr 7 Macroevolution, the fossil records, and biogeography II Ch 13, 14
Apr 12 Evolution of morphological variation (Evo-Devo) I Ch 10.5-10.11 A12
Apr 14 Evolution of morphological variation (Evo-Devo) II Ch 10.5-10.11 Q6
Apr 19 Species interactions and coevolution Ch 15 A13
Apr 21 Evolution of social behavior Ch 16.6-16.10
Apr 26 Evolutionary Medicine : Epidemiology Ch 18 A14
Apr 28 Evolutionary Medicine: Cancer Ch 18 Q7