Evolutionary Biology Spring 2015

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EEB 2245
Evolutionary Biology
Meeting Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 in TLS154
Textbook: Futuyma, D.J. 2013. Evolution. 3rd ed. Sinauer Associates, Inc. (ISBN 978-1-60535-115-5)

This website contains information for the lecture portion of the course only. For the W portion of the course, click here


First half of the course, 20 January - 5 March
Dr. Elizabeth Jockusch
Office: BPP 305B
Phone: 486-4452
E-mail: elizabeth.jockusch@uconn.edu
Office hours: 11-12 Tuesdays or by appointment

Second half of the course, 10 March - 7 May
Dr. Chris Simon
Office: BPP 305D
Phone: 486-4640
E-mail: chris.simon@uconn.edu
Office hours: Anytime by appointment

Teaching Assistants

James Bernot
Office: TLS 478
Phone: 486-1882
Email: james.bernot@uconn.edu
Last names A-F
Office hours: By arrangement

Veronica Bueno
Office: TLS 478
Phone: 486-1882
Email: veronica.m.bueno@uconn.edu
Last names G-N
Office hours: By arrangement

Geert Goemans
Office: BPP 323
Phone: 486-3947
Email: geert.goemans@uconn.edu
Last names O-Z
Office hours: By arrangement


EEB 2245 Grading: Activities (30 pts); Exam 1 (50 pts); Exam 2 (100 pts); Exam 3 (50 pts); Exam 4 (100 pts); Final Exam (70 pts). Exam 4 will be given on the same day as the comprehensive final.

EEB 2245W Grading: Your grade in the lecture portion of the course will be calculated as above. This grade will constitute 75% of your final course grade. Your grade in the W part of the course, as determined by your W instructor, will constitute the remaining 25% of your final course grade, except that an F in the W part of the course will result in an F for the entire course. An F in the lecture part of the course will also result in an F for the entire course.

Activities: During the first half of the semester, there will be opportunities to earn points from a mixture of in-class and out-of-class activities. Each will be worth 3 points. A minimum of 13 opportunities will be available and the best 10 will count towards the final grade. Out-of-class activities must be submitted by the specified deadline for credit. No late assignments will be accepted. In-class activities must be submitted during the class period in which they take place. No make-ups will be given.

Missed exams: Any student who misses an exam without advance permission will receive a 0 for the assessment. Permission to miss an exam requires, but is not guaranteed by, verifiable written documentation of the reason. A student who receives permission to miss an exam will have his or her grade for the missed work prorated based on his or her performance on the remainder of the exams. We will not give make-ups. Every student must take the final exam (and exam 4) during the scheduled final exam period unless permission to reschedule is obtained through the Dean of Students Office

Academic integrity: Plagiarism and cheating are violations of the student conduct code, and may be punished by failure in the course or, in severe cases, dismissal from the University. For more information, see Appendix A of the Student Conduct Code: http://community.uconn.edu/the-student-code-appendix-a/

Disabilities: If you have a disability for which you may be requesting an accommodation, you should contact a course instructor and the Center for Students with Disabilities (Wilbur Cross Building, Room 201, www.csd.uconn.edu) within the first two weeks of the semester.

Class objectives: The objectives of this course are to familiarize students with the mechanisms of evolutionary change (processes of evolution), major patterns of evolution, and the history of the diversity of life.