Evolutionary Biology Spring 2012

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EEB 2245
Evolutionary Biology
Meeting Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 in TLS154
Textbook: Futuyma, D.J. 2009. Evolution. 2nd ed. Sinauer Associates, Inc. (ISBN 978-0-87893-223-8)


Dr. Janine N. Caira
Office: TLS 483
Phone: 486-4060
E-mail: janine.caira@uconn.edu
Office hours: By arrangement

Dr. Charles Henry
Office: TLS 479/481
Phone: 486-4450
Email: charles.henry@uconn.edu
Office hours: By arrangement

Teaching Assistants

Beth Timpe
Office: BioPharm 318
Phone: 486-6215
Email: elizabeth.timpe@uconn.edu
Students A-K
Office hours: By arrangement

Kathryn Rymsza
Office: Biopharm 405
Phone: 486-4027
Email: kathryn.rymsza@uconn.edu
Students L-Z
Office hours: By arrangement


EEB 2245: Your grade will be based on your performance in 4 lecture exams. Your lowest score on the first 3 exams will be dropped. Your 2 remaining scores and your score on the final exam will each constitute one third of your final grade. University regulations require that students who miss the final exam without an excuse from the Dean of Students receive an F for that exam. Thus, you are required to take the final exam and your score on that exam will count towards your grade.
Note: because you are allowed to drop your lowest score, we will not give make-up exams.

EEB 2245W: Your final grade in the lecture portion of the course will be calculated as above. If you are taking the W version of the course, that grade will constitute 75% of your final course grade. Your grade in the W part of the course, as determined by your “W” instructor, will constitute the remaining 25% of your final course grade, except that an F in the W part of the course will result in an F for the entire course. An F in the lecture part of the course will also result in an F for the entire course. Refer to the 2245W website for further information. Dr. Elizabeth Jockusch (BioPharm 305B; tel: 486-4452; elizabeth.jockusch@uconn.edu) is the coordinator of the W part of the course.

Course Resources

Pdficon small.gif EEB2245 syllabus
Pdficon small.gif Example of Exam 1 (from 2010)
Pdficon small.gif Final Study Guide for Exam 1

Review Sessions

There will be two review sessions for the first exam on Thursday, February 9th. They will be:

Monday, February 6th, 6-8PM in BioPhysics Building Rm 131
Tuesday, February 7th, 6-8PM in BioPhysics Building Rm 131.

Review sessions are structured to answer any questions you might have encountered while studying or going over the example exam. Please come to the review session with specific questions. If you can not attend either review session but have questions pertaining to the course material prior to the exam please contact your assigned TA to set up a time to meet.

Evolution in the News

Darwin's long-lost fossils - 17 January 2012

Lecture Syllabus

Please read assigned chapters, as indicated below, prior to class

Day Date Topic Text Readings
Part I Jan 17 - Mar 1 Patterns of Evolution Dr. Janine Caira
1 T Jan 17 Introduction to the Geological Time Scale; the Fossil Record Ch. 4 (pgs 73-77)
2 Th Jan 19 Life in the Precambrian; Evolution of the Metazoa Ch. 5 (pgs 101-108)
3 T Jan 24 Cambrian explosion & Life in the Paleozoic Ch. 5 (pgs 108-115)
4 Th Jan 26 Life in the Mesozoic Ch. 5 (pgs 115-121)
5 T Jan 31 Life in the Cenozoic Ch. 5 (pgs 121-131)
6 Th Feb 2 Evolution of primates Ch. 4 (pgs 88-91) &
Ch. 6 (pgs 147-150)
M Feb 6 Review Session for Exam 1 BioPhysics Building Rm 131
7 T Feb 7 Evolution of biodiversity & extinction Ch. 7
T Feb 7 Review Session for Exam 1 BioPhysics Building Rm 131
8 Th Feb 9 EXAM #1
Pdficon small.gif Example of Exam 1 (from 2010)

Pdficon small.gif Final Study Guide for Exam 1
Covers Lectures 1-6
9 T Feb 14 Characters, homology & homoplasy Ch. 3
10 Th Feb 16 Systematics & reconstructing evolutionary history Ch. 2
11 T Feb 21 Evolution and development Ch. 21
12 Th Feb 23 Biogeography & major patterns of distribution Ch. 6
13 T Feb 28 Continental drift & historical biogeography Ch. 6
Part II Mar 6 - Apr 26 Processes of Evolution Dr. Charles Henry
14 Th Mar 1 EXAM #2 Covers Lectures 7 & 9-13
15 T Mar 6 Populations, variation, & the Hardy-Weinberg principle Ch. 1 (pp 7-11) & Ch. 9
16 Th Mar 8 Microevolution and the origin of variation: mutation Ch. 8
T Mar 13 SPRING BREAK - no class
Th Mar 15 SPRING BREAK - no class
17 T Mar 20 Agents of evolutionary change: migration and genetic drift Ch. 9 & 10
18 Th Mar 22 Charles Darwin and natural selection Ch. 1 & 11
19 T Mar 27 Natural selection and phenotypic evolution Ch. 12 & 13
20 Th Mar 29 Adaptation; introduction to life-history evolution Ch. 11, 14, & 22
21 T Apr 3 Life history evolution Ch. 14
22 Th Apr 5 EXAM #3 Covers Lectures 15-21
23 T Apr 10 Sexual selection Ch. 15
24 Th Apr 12 Levels of selection; cooperation & altruism Ch. 11 & 16
25 T Apr 17 Macroevolution: speciation and species concepts Ch. 17 & 18
26 Th Apr 19 Ecotypes, clines, and allopatric speciation Ch. 17 & 18
27 T Apr 24 Allopatric & non-allopatric speciation Ch. 18
28 Th Apr 26 Evolution above the species level Ch. 7 (pp 168-169), 19, & 22
Th May 3, 8 AM - 10AM
FINAL Covers Lectures 23-28