Evolution of Green Plants Lab

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Scanning electron micrograph of Equisetum sperm cells. Image by K. S. Renzaglia (http://www.science.siu.edu/landplants/Sphenophyta/sphenophyta.html).

EEB 3221 (1 cr)

EEB 5221 (1 cr)

Spring 2012

Lab meetings: T 2-5 PM in TLS 181
Labs begin the first week of class.
A lab syllabus will be distributed in the first lab session.

Contact Information

Rachel Rock-Blake, Lab Instructor
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
office: Biology/Pharmacy Building 4th floor 405
voice: +1 860-486-4027
email: r.rockblake@uconn.edu

Office hours: Wednesday 2-3, BIOPHARM 405 or feel free to email in advance


All assignments should be turned in during lab on the date due. Unless there is prior arrangement, assignments turned in late will lose 10% of their point value for each day late, to a maximum of 50%. Keep all of your returned assignments, and copies/computer files. If there are questions about your grade you will need these documents. No Reports or Assignments will be accepted via Email. Only paper copies will be accepted.


Lab points: 100 points total

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Assignment 6

Assignment 7


You are required to attend all labs. If you will be missing a lab for any reason contact me as soon as possible. Note: missing more than 3 labs will result in a failure for the course.

General Rules for Laboratory

No food or drink in the laboratory No open-toed shoes (Sandals and Flip-flops are not appropriate to wear to lab) No Ringing or Vibrating or Texting Cellular Phones

Schedule, Spring 2012

Date Topic Assignments
17 Jan Overview, Greenhouse/collection facility tours
24 Jan Tree thinking exercise. Pdficon small.gif Character sources. This exercise is to be done in class. Assignment 1 (10 points): 1 page critique of Bopp and Capesius to be handed in next week:Pdficon small.gif

Some guidelines for this assignment :Pdficon small.gif

31 Jan Lab 3. Green algae morphological forms and life cycles. Review of microscope: handling, cleaning, total magnification, focusing. Prasinophytes, Ulvophytes, Trebouxiophytes, Chlorophytes. Pdficon small.gif Assignment 1 due today.
07 Feb Lab 4. Green algae morphological forms and life cycles. Land plant lineage
14 Feb Discussion of Papers on green algae phylogeny

Pdficon small.gif LewisMcCourt2004.pdf

Pdficon small.gif Cook2004Cytokinesis.pdf

Pdficon small.gif Turmel.mesostigma.pdf

Pdficon small.gif Zuccarelloetal2009.pdf


Assignment on discussion papers DUE (10pts) Pdficon small.gif Lab5.guidelines.pdf

-Participation in discussion-

Answers (10 points) to questions about the morphology and life cycles of green algae

21 Feb Bryophyte morphology and life cycles (Mosses, Hornworts, and Liverworts): handout to be given in lab. Pdficon small.gif Laboratory5.pdf

28 Feb Bryophyte morphology and life cycles (Mosses, Hornworts, and Liverworts) Pdficon small.gif Laboratory6.pdf
06 Mar Discussion of Papers on bryophyte anatomy and phylogeny .

An overview book chapter provided in class should be read by all students.

Pdficon small.gif Kato&Akiyama.pdf
Pdficon small.gif Ligroneetal2008.pdf
Pdficon small.gif duckett.etal.2009.newphytologist2.pdf
Pdficon small.gif Discussion guidelines

Assignment on discussion papers DUE (10pts) (Participation in discussion)

A handout with guidelines and grading schemes will be provided soon.

Answers to questions about the morphology and life cycles of bryophytes DUE (10pts)

Pdficon small.gif Kato.Akiyama.summary

Pdficon small.gif Duckett.etal.summary

Pdficon small.gif Ligronet.etal.summary

20 Mar Seedless vascular plant morphology and life cycles Pdficon small.gif Lab7.Seedlesvascularplants.pdf
27 Mar Vascular plant anatomy Pdficon small.gif LAB 11 Anatomy of seed plants.

Answers to questions about the morphology and life cycles of vascular plants DUE (10pts)

03 Apr Vascular plant fossils Pdficon small.gif Fossillab
10 Apr Vascular plant fossils Part 2 Pdficon small.gif Fossillab

17 Apr Discussion of Papers on vascular plant phylogeny and evolution
Pdficon small.gif Wangetal.2010.newphytologist
Pdficon small.gif CarmichaelFriedman1996.amjbotany
Pdficon small.gif Krings.etal.2009.reviewpalaepalino

Assignment on discussion papers DUE (10pts)

Pdficon small.gif Guidelines for discussion