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(Presentation schedule Spring 2014)
(Presentation schedule Spring 2014)
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|March 24 || Ben Gagliardi|| ||
|March 24 || Ben Gagliardi|| ||
|March 31 || || ||
|March 31 || Ellie Clark|| ||
|April 7 || Ellie Clark || ||
|April 7 || Joe Medwid || ||
|April 14 || || ||
|April 14 || || ||

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Insect Systematics, Morphology, Evolution & Biology
Course #: EEB 5895 Section 028
Date/time: Mondays 11:15-12:15
Location: TLS 471, the Wag Lab
Contact: David Wagner, Brigette Zacharczenko


The Wag Lab meetings are open to graduate students, undergraduate students, employees, alumni and friends who are interested in entomology.
Our lab focuses mostly on Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, and Odonata, but our members have a variety of interests.
The main goals of these meetings are to:

  • Present papers and start discussion on relevant topics in entomology
  • Discuss general lab matters
  • Brainstorm research ideas and present results
  • Tell biology-related jokes

Lab members are encouraged to attend every lab meeting, read every paper, and come prepared with questions.
Entomology related show-and-tell is always welcome in the form of specimens (alive or dead), articles, books, or powerpoint presentations.


  • 10 minutes for lab matters and logistics for the week
  • 10 minutes show and tell, bugs in the news, and current events
  • 10 minutes for a mini student presentation
  • 25-30 minutes to discuss paper


All students taking this meeting for credit (and all others who wish to participate) should sign up to present a paper at least once per semester. The schedule below lists our meeting dates.

Email Brigette Zacharczenko to reserve your date -or-
Grad students may edit this page themselves
  • A few days before your date to present, email Brigette with a link or PDF for your paper (or upload it yourself)
  • Send any powerpoint files before or just after the lab meeting to be uploaded
  • Feel free to send Brigette links to interesting articles any time during the week
  • All uploaded files will be password protected



  • Wags lab pinback buttons available
  • Join the Connecticut Entomological Society. Or else. CT EntSoc. The fee is $7 for students, $15 for non students, and you get a free hat.

Presentation schedule Spring 2014

Date Name Paper and presentation Show-and-tell
January 27 Dave and Brigette - intro meeting Pdficon small.gifMoth pheromones
Pdficon small.gifScent structures (review paper)
Love songs of the dengue vector mosquito
Love songs video
February 3 Joe Medwid Scent structures (review paper) (cont.)
Pdficon small.gifMale butterfly scent scales
New fossil arthropod
February 10 Ben North Pdficon small.gifViral pathogen in honey bees "Sticky" movie preview
February 17 Ben Gagliardi Pdficon small.gifYack 2001, Acoustic caterpillars
February 24 Brigette Zacharczenko Pdficon small.gifScott 2010, Evolutionary origins of ritualized acoustic signals in caterpillars
March 3 Ben Gagliardi Grad symposium talk
Pdficon small.gifMiller 2007, Barcoding
March 10 Ben North
March 17 Ellie Clark
March 24 Ben Gagliardi
March 31 Ellie Clark
April 7 Joe Medwid
April 14
April 21
April 28

Lab Events

  • January 17 - CT EntSoc meeting: 6pm Willington Pizza, 7:30 talk at UConn, Sports Bar afterward
  • February 21 - CT EntSoc meeting: 6pm Yale University (catered dinner), 7:30 talk

Lepidoptera Family Lectures

Lepidoptera Family Lectures


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Moth puddling
Hyalophora cecropia moths enjoying a private moment in the lab
Mustache Ride