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[[GSA_Minutes_2007-09-20|September 20, 2007]]
[[GSA_Minutes_2007-09-20|September 20, 2007]]
[[GSA_Minutes_07-0419|April 19, 2007]]
[[:Category:GSA Minutes|GSA Minutes Archive]]
[[GSA_Minutes_07-0301|March 01, 2007]]
[[GSA_Minutes_07-0125|January 25, 2007]]
[[GSA_Minutes_06-1116|November 16, 2006]]
[[Category:Graduate Student Resources|Graduate Student Association]]
[[Category:Graduate Student Resources|Graduate Student Association]]

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This organization provides a forum in which all graduate students in the EEB department are welcome to discuss any issues relevant to graduate school. We typically have between two and three meetings a semester, but additional meetings can be called as necessary. The organization is run by a group of student officers. Meetings follow parliamentary procedure, as well as the guidelines specified by our constitution and by-laws. Activities undertaken by the organization include an annual t-shirt design fundraiser, hosting of our own research symposium, and the invitation of a seminar speaker.

All students in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology working towards a Ph.D. or M.S. are eligible for GSA membership. There are 59 members for the 2007-2008 academic year. The organization advisor is Robin Chazdon.

Meetings are typically held in the Bamford Room after EEB Department Seminar at 5pm on Thursdays.

GSA Officers

Terms of all offices are for one year, typically starting around September 1. Elections are held at the first GSA meeting of the fall semester, when current officers are either re-elected or replaced by another graduate student. Additional GSA officer positions may be created as necessary, and obsolete positions may be disbanded.

Current Officers

Nicholas Tippery
Kat Shaw
Rachel Prunier
Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Senator
Vanessa Boukili
Faculty Representative
Karolina Fucikova
Botanical Collections Representative
Amy Weiss
Invertebrate Collections Representative
Suegene Noh
Vertebrate Collections Representative
Tobias Landberg
Grad-Invited Seminar Committee Representative
Pablo Arroyo
Graduate Research Symposium Committee Representatives
Lori Benoit
Jessica Budke
Molly Letsch
Adam Wilson
Monday Evening Seminar
Rachel Prunier
Welcome Committee
Tsitsi McPherson
Molly Letsch
Center for Conservation and Biodiversity (CCB) Representative
Trina Bayard
Curriculum Representative
Tsitsi McPherson
T-Shirt Committee
Kathryn Theiss
Fall Barn Dance Committee
Maria Pickering
Rachel Prunier
Krissa Skogen
Thiago Rangel
EEB Department Seminar Lunch Coordinator
Tsitsi McPherson
Undergraduate Representative
Leah Brown-Wilusz

Past Officers

GSA Officers 2006-2007

GSA Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2008

November 1, 2007

September 20, 2007

GSA Minutes Archive