EEB GSA Minutes 8 September 2011

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GSA Meeting – 8 Septemberl 2011

Kathryn, Jessie, Maria, Jon, Alyssa, Brigette, Lara, James, Bill, Beth, Johana, Holly

1) Barn Dance – led by Maria
DATE: Fri, Oct 14th. Rain date = Sat, Oct 15th
THEME: hats
FOOD: Karolina and Wags = food list, Pie Contest, Chili (Bill←carnivore option, Alyssa and Jon←vegan option)
INVITATIONS: Brigette; need by Oct. 1
DECORATIONS: Jessie and Bill, EEB tablecloths, hats (bring extra hats)
SETUP: Beth, Alyssa, Lara, Jon, Jess Phillips, Jessie, Kathryn (?)
CLEANUP: James, Johana, Jessie, Jon, Bill
GREENING EVENT: ceramic plates (Mona), green grad plates, silverware (?)
MUSIC (speaker system): Jon pick-up and drop-off, talk to Kathy
DJ: Beth and Jessie
KEG: Maria and Jessie
VBALL: Lara; Reserve from rec services (talk to Karolina or LJ)
CHAIRS: Wags/Janine/Greg
PINATA: Alyssa, Beth, and Brigette (at Alyssa’s)
TOYS: Bill
ACTIVITIES: James; making hats (newspaper, glue, tape, construction paper, markers), duct tape, googly eyes
TUG O’ WAR: Greg has rope
HULA HOOPS: Jayme and Lily

2) Committees
-President: Bill
-Treasurer: Brigette
-Secretary: Beth
-GSS: Bill and Karolina
-EEB Faculty Rep: Kathryn
-Botanical: Defunct
-Invert: Defunct
-Vert: Defunct
-Grad Invited Seminar Liason: Jon and Bill
-Grad Symposium: Jessie, Johana, Jon, James, New Students, (Jessica talk with Karolina)
-Tuesday Ev. Seminar: Alyssa, Brigette
-Welcome Committee: Jessie, Alyssa
-Fundraising: Brigette, Lara, James (photo liason)
-Undergrad: Colin
-CCB: Beth
-Cirriculum Rep: Defunct

3) Fundraising Ideas:
Schlicting wants sweatshirts
new design ideas

4) Outreach:
need to do more (e.g., habitat for humanities, relay for life, bioblitz)

5) Operation Increase Seminar Turnout:
-cookies/coffee before or after seminar
-collections library, bring your own mug, cookies, perculator (Bill)
-Chris Simon’s lab is hosting the first speaker of the semester. Talk with a Simon Lab grad.

Start of meeting: 5:00
End of meeting: 6:05
Minutes by Elizabeth Timpe