EEB GSA Minutes 8 February 2014

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GSA Meeting 2/8/14

Called to order 5:15 pm


Nora, Brigette, Ben, Anna, Dustin, Caitlin, Jimmy, James, Tim, Holly, Michael, Cera, Hayley, Johanna


Budget Status

  • $902 in expenses, $1070~~ in income, so we have $900 to play with
  • Want to keep some in the bank
  • Want to fund some other things (Grad Afternoon Tea)
  • Couple leftover tote bags as secret stash for speakers

Additional fundraiser

  • Pint glasses in time for Grad symposium
  • Brigette already ready to place this order, $2/3 each, we would sell them for $5
  • All in favor of ordering first batch of 100
  • Will be the normal little eeb logo
  • Brigette will send around an email for people to comment on it

Additional activities

  • How else will we spend the money?
  • Elementary school outreach? -- then we can run things ourself and just pay for it out of our money
  • Offline - form subcommittee to run this
  • Send around email, talk to same school, other school?
  • Holly has Diego's information for setting up Franklin Elementary
    • Bioblitz
    • Storrs Adventure park
    • Crawfish boil
    • Park picnic or spring party, not Mansfield Hollow, but other parks will allow alcohol

Faculty update

  • Report by Faculty Committee representative

Upcoming Events


  • March 8
  • Potluck breakfast
  • Catered for lunch
  • Sign up, people!
  • GSS wants a detailed attendance list -- Comittee is working on how to get that
  • Post symposium party -- Jimmy's house!
  • Welcome Committee
    • Will hopefully have a list of prospective students
  • Solicit people outside our department to give talks at our Symposium
    • Steve Mollman should give a talk on Darwin and Dinosaurs!

Tuesday Evening Seminar

  • Janine is hosting Pancho Mar 25
  • Eric is hosting Hannes Baumann April 15
  • Would anyone else like to volunteer? Talk to Nora.

Bar Week Snow Day Makeup!

  • Ben @ the Harp Tuesday Feb 4th

Grad Unionization

  • Brief update from Cera and James
  • Official informational meeting next Tuesday 4th @ 5pm in Bamford

Job Candidate seminars

  • How managing pre-seminar snacks?
  • Nora will assign labs that are not already responsible for a seminar this semester

Wrap-up meeting in April/May

  • Talk about Barn Dance then


  • Green Grads: Hayley does not have time to start up again this semester
    • Marginal success reviving it last year but it never got underway enough to keep going
    • Suggesting that Green Grads give all the garbage cans, plates etc. to GSA.
    • But Green Grads does have a budget for this year and there were activities that Hayley had planned, if anyone would like to help organize these things.
      • Open this up to everyone on the grad list
  • GSS is loking for someone to sit on the recycling committee

Adjourned 5:34