EEB GSA Minutes 6 September 2012

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GSA Meeting – 6 September 2012

Kasey, Jessie, Brigette, Holly, Nora, James, Bill (briefly), Shannon, Cera, Michael, Dustin, Veronica, Tim, Ursula, Jeff

1) T-Shirts
BZ designed t-shirts in 2010, wants to solicit ideas for tshirt designs as a fundraiser, can suggest design ideas to BZ, she will sketch. Want design ideas within the next few weeks. Please send abstract ideas or sketches to BZ. KP suggested re-using an older design. Submission deadline: 3 weeks from today. B&W designs only (for $ purposes). The simpler, the better. Once we have a design, can figure out logistics. Other ideas for fundraising? Customized glassware? Pintglasses. Raffles? 50/50 at the barn dance? Depending on theme, could come up with something else in terms of a prize.

2) Barn Dance – led by Jessie
DATE: Friday October 12th (rain date = Saturday the 13th)
THEME: Invasive Species? dress up, cook, decorate
FOOD: Chili – cook invasive species if you can!
DECORATIONS: have tablecloths – Brigette, Cera, Nora
SETUP: Jessie, Jon, Kasey, Brigette, Cera, Nora, Tim, Veronica, Dustin
CLEANUP: Jessie, Jon, Bill, Karolina, Tim, Veronica, Ursula
GREENING EVENT: ceramic plates (Mona), green grad plates, silverware (?) Hayley
MUSIC (speaker system): Jon pick-up and drop-off
DJ: Jessie
KEG: Karolina & Kasey
VBALL: Reserve from rec services (talk to Karolina), Veronica
CHAIRS: Wags/Janine/Greg
PINATA: James, Brigette, Cera
TUG O’ WAR: ??

3) Committees
-Treasurer: Brigette
-EEB Faculty Rep:
-Botanical: Defunct
-Invert: Defunct
-Vert: Defunct
-Grad Invited Seminar Liason: Jon and Tim
-Grad Symposium:
-Tuesday Ev. Seminar:
-Welcome Committee:
-CCB: Beth
-Cirriculum Rep: Defunct

4) Pre-Seminar Snack:

5) Other Concerns:

Start of meeting: 5:07
End of meeting: 6:05
Minutes by Jessie Rack