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GSA Meeting 5/1/2014 Called to order 5:15 pm


Nora, Brigette, Kaitlin, Holly, James, Jimmy, Kasey, Jon, Ben, Kevin, Hayley, Manette, Dustin, Alyssa, Tim, Cera, Johanna



Pam Diggle, introduced herself; just joined the faculty, serving as assistant head of the department, may be involved in graduate awards. Wants us to know that she has an open door policy and welcomes any questions or concerns.

Brigette and Ben introduced Kevin, a new member of the Wagner lab.

Budget status

  • Current budget ~$800
  • What should we spend our money on
    • Outreach
    • Parties
    • Still 40 pint glasses left
    • Did get our Graduate Symposium budget for next year
    • Looking into whether or not we have to use catering
  • Main concerns
    • Fundraisers for next year- T-shirts? Tote bags? Something different? If anyone wants to design something start thinking about it NOW. We need a new design. Summer assignment is come up with a new logo.
    • Ways to spend the money that we are making
      • Jon & Jessie will host a party. Crawfish boil by unanimous consent.
      • Using GSA money to pay for food.
      • Faculty will be invited.

Planning for over the summer

Barn Dance

  • Nora would like to get the date set in August. No keg this year, because we didn’t finish it.


  • Franklin elementary project: Holly Brown
    • 2nd Annual Franklin Elementary School. 3rd and 4th graders; taught organism and ecology based programs; good opportunity to talk to enthusiastic audience about our work.
    • Cindy Fields is the teacher who is our contact.
    • May 13, Tuesday, 2014 in the afternoon is the date of the program this year
  • Nora: Do you want any funds for this?
  • Holly: Yes, need to reimburse for copies, other groups will be getting their info to me to let me know what their needs are
  • Brigette: We can allocate $100 for this
  • EEP event – outdoors outreach with children on campus
    • Johanna: Save the Frogs day – Thursday the 15th at the Willimantic Street Fest. Will have a booth there, need people to be there handing out cards saying why you should save the frogs. Need a few people to volunteer to come with her. 6 – 9 pm. Inducement: Could head to Willi Brew afterwards, or there’s a Beer Garden on Main Street because it’s third Thursday
    • Manette: Chimney Swift conservation event May 19, @ 7pm at WilliBrew

Officer Elections

  • Brigette re-elected to Treasurer by acclaim
  • Nora re-elected to President by acclaim
  • Cera re-elected to Secretary by acclaim

Committee Assignments

Grad Rep to Faculty

  • Manette stepping down
  • Tanisha may be willing to continue, but she is not here
  • It is a significant time commitment, attending meetings once a week for about an hour.
  • Also informing the faculty about what graduate students think about something.
  • Rep also responsible for coordinating graduate students for job searches.
  • Holly, Hayley, Jimmy, and Ellen expressed interest, but time commitment and scheduling may be issues for just about everyone.
  • Jon suggests that we should form a committee when there are job searches, to take the pressure off of just one person—that should make Faculty Rep better.
  • Holly volunteers to do it in Spring – Hayley, Holly, Jimmy and Ellen should contact Tanisha

Welcome committee

Holly Brown, will solicit help if needed

Bar week

Nora will continue organizing, but Brigette responsible for sending emails b/c Nora and Tim will be gone

Grad Student Senate

Kaitlin and Ellen will be willing to serve as Grad Student Senators and were elected by acclaim.

Meeting adjourned 5:40 pm