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EEB 5449, Fall 2016
Meeting Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30-10:45 am, XXXXXXX)


This is an advanced course that explores XXXXXXXX


Dr. Elizabeth Jockusch
Office: Biology/Pharmacy 305B
Phone: (860) 486-4452
Office hours: by appointment

Dr. Yaowu Yuan
Office: Biology/Pharmacy 3XX
Phone: (860) 486-XXXX
Office hours: by appointment

Announcements and Handouts

Discussion leaders: Please post a pdf with discussion questions on the course website prior to the discussion. In the ideal world, this would happen no later than Sunday night of the week you will lead discussion.

Expectations and Grading

This course has a mixed lecture/discussion format. In general, Thursdays will be used for lectures that provide an overview and background information. Tuesdays will be dedicated to student presentations and student-led discussion of readings from the primary literature.

Presentations: Each student will give two presentations about papers from the primary literature, selected in consultation with the instructors. More information about presentations is available here.

Discussions: Each week, we will discuss in depth one paper from the primary literature. Two discussion leaders We expect everyone to participate actively in the class. In order to help prepare for discussions, you should write a brief (<1 page) reaction piece to each set of readings, highlighting your thoughts about the readings, connections between them or questions raised by them. This will be handed in each week. Responsibility for leading the discussions will rotate. 

Preproposal: Each student will write an NSF-style preproposal on a topic of your choice that is related to evolution. Ideally, your project will be closely connected to your own research interests, and also integrate multiple topics covered in class. You should receive written approval for your preproposal project no later than Thursday, Oct. 25, and are encouraged to begin discussing your ideas with the course instructors well in advance of this. The final preproposal is due by Monday Nov. 28 at 5 pm.

Preproposal Panel Review: Each student will be assigned three preproposals to review. We will meet during the final exam period to conduct an NSF-style panel review of the full set of proposals.


WeeklyDiscussion pieces
Thursday, Oct. 25Preproposal topic approved
Monday, Nov. 28, 5 pmPreproposal submitted
Friday, December 9Preproposal reviews due

Course grade

Discussions, including participation, leading discussion, presentation questions, and reaction pieces20%
Panel reviews10%

Topics and Readings