EEB 4251 Medical Entomology

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Medical Entomology EEB 4251 (W) Spring 2009


Carl Schaefer, TLS 377; 486-4455 (lab.), 423-9427 (home---emergencies or bribes only); e-mail Office hours: after lectures, or by appointment.

TA: Roberta Engel BioPharm 318; 486-6215 (office); e-mail Office hours: Wed. 2-3, or by appointment.

Grading: lecture: 200 points; lab: 100 points Lecture: midterm=70 points; final (cumulative)=130 points (equals 200 points) Laboratory: the laboratory work (100 points) may involve some quizzes, and other work

Note on reading: The text is the latest edition of Service’s “Medical Entomology.” The chapter listings on the schedule are from the first edition, and may differ in your schedule But I know you can work it out.

W students: I will give you a separate schedule for the W sessions. You most realize that your credit, based on your writing, will be 25% of your grade; but that you must pass the W to get any credit in the entire course. If you are a W students and fail the W, you’ll get an F in the course. This has never happened in the past, and before I retire it had better not happen in the future.

==Ways in which Arthropods Harm Humans==

--entomophobia---the fear of insects; often irrational, but no less real; sometimes manifested as belief insects crawling on body or face (also arachnophobia—fear of spiders)

--annoyance—often unimportant; sometimes can drive tourists away (deer flies: NJ & Mass. Seashores; various biting flies during Alaskan summers) --blood loss—lowers productivity (meat, wool, milk, eggs) of domestic animals

--dermatosis—painful unsightly rashes (scabies, mange, etc.) caused usually by certain mites

--myiasis—development of certain flies within the body

--acariasis—development of certain mites within the body (e.g., cats’ ear mites)

--allergies—some people highly allergic to various in arthropod products, especially to stings of bees and/or wasps