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!style="background:#10d2d2;" width="50"|In-class Activity*
!style="background:#10d2d2;" width="50"|In-class Activity*
!style="background:#10d2d2;" width="75"|Class Period
!style="background:#10d2d2;" width="75"|Class Period
!style="background:#10d2d2;" width="300"|Topic
!style="background:#10d2d2;" width="350"|Topic

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EEB 3895 Medical Parasitology Fall 2016

Required text: Foundations of Parasitology 8th (2008; Roberts & Janovy) or 9th (2012; Roberts, Janovy & Nadler) edition; McGraw Hill.

Lecture: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:05–10:20 am; Where: TLS Rm. 301


Professor: Dr. J.N. Caira
office: TLS 483
phone: 486-4060
email: Dr. Janine N. Caira

Important Documents

Pdficon small.gif EEB 3895 Syllabus
Pdficon small.gif Classification Scheme

Lecture Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. Check regularly for updates!

* The course will include a series of in-class activities consisting of 11 Exercises (E1-E11 above) and 8 Skype conversations (S1-S8 above) with relevant parasite experts from around the country. Your grade for class participation will come from your participation in these activities. You must participate in at least 9 in-class Exercises (18 points). You will each also be asked to co-lead the Skype conversation with 1 of the 8 parasitologists (5 points), but will also be expected to be present for at least 7 of these conversations (7 points).
In-class Activity* Class Period Topic
M Aug 29 Introduction; General Concepts of Parasitology
E1 W Aug 31 The human body as a home to parasites; CDC & WHO
Protozoan Diseases
W Sep 07 Introduction to zoonotic infections; Giardia: Giardiasis; Naegleria: PAM
M Sep 12 Entamoeba: Amoebiasis; Trichomoniasis
E2 W Sep 14 Trypanosoma: African Trypanosomiasis (Sleeping sickness)
M Sep 19 Trypanosoma: American Trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease)