EEB 2244/2244W Ecology Spring 2010

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Course Overview

Lectures:Tu,Th 11:00-12:15, Torrey Life Sciences 154
Discussion Sections: Torrey Life Sciences 311
Emergency closing information
Textbook:Ricklefs, Robert E. 2010. The Economy of Nature, SIXTH edition. W.H. Freeman, New York
Also required ( Available from the UConn Coop): CPS clicker; Ecology Discussion Manual (Fall 2010)
PLEASE NOTE: Everything below this comment is OUT OF DATE. Please ignore until we have a chance to update it. ~RK Colwell
Web site:
See also HuskyCT for lecture summaries, assignments & more
Lecture & Lab topics:EEB 2244/2244W Lecture topics (Spring 2010)
Announcements:EEB 2244/2244W Announcements (Spring 2010)

EEB 2244W

In addition to this web site those of you who are enrolled in the W part of the course will want to refer to the EEB 2244W web site for information about W assignments and requirements here.


Dr. Mark Urban
Office:BioPharm 200A
E-mail:mark.urban (at)
Office hours:By arrangement
Dr. Richard King
Office:TLS 470
E-mail:richard.w.king (at)
Office hours:By arrangement

Teaching assistant

Susan Herrick
Office:TLS 379
E-mail:susan.herrick (at)
Office hours:By arrangement

Basis of Grading

Short Exam 1 (30 points; 10%) February 9
Midterm Exam (60 points; 20%) March 4
Short Exam 2 (30 points; 10%) April 8
Final Exam (90 points; 30%) Thursday, May 6th, 10:30a.m.-12:30
Discussion Section (70 points; 25%)- Attendance Manditory
'Clickers' participation (15 points; 5%)
Total 300 points (100%)

Only a note from a physician or the Dean sent to me in advance of an exam will be accepted as a valid excuse for a missed exam. A make up will be scheduled at a later date.

EEB 2244W: Your final grade in the lecture portion of the course will be calculated as above. This grade will constitute 75% of your final course grade. Your grade in the W part of the course, as determined by your “W” instructor, will constitute the remaining 25% of your final course grade, except that an F in the W part of the course will result in an F for the entire course. An F in the lecture part of the course will also result in an F for the entire course. Refer to the 2244W handout and website for further information. Dr. Richard King (TLS 470; tel: 486-5662; is the coordinator of the W part of the course.

Academic integrity

The Student Code describes the responsibility for honesty in academic work as follows (Appendix A):

Academic misconduct is dishonest or unethical academic behavior that includes, but is not limited, to misrepresenting mastery in an academic area (e.g., cheating), intentionally or knowingly failing to properly credit information, research or ideas to their rightful originators or representing such information, research or ideas as your own (e.g., plagiarism).

Academic misconduct will lead to loss of credit for the piece of work concerned. Repeated or egregious misconduct may lead to failure in the entire course. If you are enrolled in EEB 2244W, remember that an F in the W part of the course results in an F for the entire course.