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As a demonstration of using the UConn dropbox for storing lecture PDFs for courses, here are several ways to create a link to my (i.e. Paul Lewis') syllabus from the course Introduction to Botany taught Fall 2014 (note that these links will expire sometime mid-September 2015, but the instructions for creating them will still be appicable):

Simple link


Here is what I put into this EEBedia page to make this link (but replace <url> with the actual URL provided by dropbox.uconn.edu):

:[<url> Syllabus]

Link to PDF icon

Pdficon small.gif Syllabus

Here is what I put into this EEBedia page to make this link (as above, replace <url> with the actual URL):

:[[File:Pdficon small.gif|link=<url>]] Syllabus

Link to both PDF icon and the word "Syllabus"

Pdficon small.gif Syllabus

To link both, just follow the instructions for both "Link to PDF icon" and then "Simple link" above, i.e.

[File:Pdficon small.gif|link=<url>]] [<url> Syllabus]

Uploading a file to Dropbox

  • Visit the UConn dropbox web site
  • Sign-in with your NetID
  • Choose a file and upload it, saving the URL provided to your clipboard
  • Create a link to the file in your EEBedia page using the instructions above, replacing <url> with the URL provided by dropbox
  • Note that there is a version of dropbox that allows you to set a password (see "Click here to use the more secure, encrypted Dropbox" at the bottom of the dropbox site)