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EEB 3894 Overview

Undergraduate Seminar at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Spring, 2014
1 credit
Thursday 2:30-5pm
Room: TBD

Instructor: Bill Ryerson

We will meet all the distinguished scientists on this semester's list of speakers. Student will be responsible for participating in each meeting. We will read at least one research article written by a different visiting scholar every week. After a half hour of discussion, we will meet the person behind the science and then hear them give an hour-long research seminar. This course is for undergraduate students interested in broadening their understanding of modern ecology and evolutionary biology by engaging in active discussion. Read this guideto writing response papers and preparing for discussion.

Grades will be calculated out of 140 points (10 points/week)

Attendance= 4 points/week Attend discussion and seminar every week.

Participation= 4 points/week Ask questions, volunteer comments and engage in constructive discussion with peers and speaker.

1 page response paper= 2 points/week Typed, double-spaced response to the research article.

Leading 1 discussion= 10 points Pick research article for the discussion, summarize and focus discussion with peers.

  • Email Bill ( with article choice @ least 1 week before you lead seminar discussion.

Read this guideto writing response papers and preparing for discussion.

Spring 2014 Seminars

(Thursday @ 4:00PM in BPB 130 unless otherwise noted)
February 13, 2014 - Teale Lecture*
Anthony Leiserowitz (Yale University) Climate Change in the American Mind
March 27, 2014 - Teale Lecture*
Steven D. Gaines (UC - Santa Barbara) What role will the oceans play in meeting the global demand for food?
April 10, 2014 - Teale Lecture*
Jane Lubchenco (NOAA) Climate, Weather, Oceans and Biodiversity: Science in Policy and Politics

EEB 3894 Semester Schedule

Trouble accessing the discussion article when off campus? First sign into the UConn VPN and then try the link.

Date Seminar Speaker Presenter Discussion Article
23 January Bill None - Discuss Syllabus, Website, Class Goals
30 January Bill How to read and interpret scientific literature
13 February
(Teale Lecture Series*)
Anthony Leiserowitz TBD
27 March
(Teale Lecture Series*)
Steven Gaines TBD
10 April
(Teale Lecture Series*)
Jane Lubchenco TBD
1 May Tracy Heath

* Seminars in the Teale Lecture Series are held in the Konover Auditorium of the Dodd Center (near the Homer Babbidge Library).