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This page simply lists recent news articles relating to conservation biology. It is not exhaustive - simply those articles that I come across during my reading of the media. It started as a section of the web page for EEB 2208 (Introduction to Conservation Biology), but students seemed to find it useful enough for me to keep it going for the time being. If others in the EEBedia community want to add to the list, please feel free to do so. I only ask that you keep to the existing format, limit any commentary about articles to brief descriptive statements so as to not clog up space, that you focus on articles in the news media that relate to conservation science (broader environmental science issues should find their own home), and that you don't clog the page up with multiple articles on the same piece of news. If you have questions, please email me. Chris Elphick

For a great web site providing information on recent conservation-related research, check out the Conservation Maven web site.

22 Feb. New York Times. Bucket Brigade Gives a Lift So Salamanders Can Live to Mate. ... see lecture notes on roads.

22 Feb. New York Times. New York May Ban Shark Fin Sales, Following Other States.

20 Feb. New York Times. Squeezed Into Smaller Spaces, Koalas Now Face Deadly Disease. Another disease in Australia.

18 Feb. BBC News. 'Mobile marine reserves' needed.

17 Feb. BBC News. Tasmanian devils' killer disease genome mapped. Disease ... coming right up ...

17 Feb. BBC News. Sea lion test to probe declines.

16 Feb. BBC News. Crime chiefs agree to get tough on illegal tiger trade. Following on from Wednesday's lecture ...

15 Feb. BBC News. Tiny lizards found in Madagascar. More newly discovered species - small ranges, habitat loss ...

10 Feb. BBC News. Overfishing 'costs EU £2.7bn each year'. The economic impact of over-harvest.

10 Feb. New York Times. Wild Salmon Are Not Holding Up, Study Finds. A downside of captive breeding.

7 Feb. BBC News. Whales 'stressed by ocean noise'. A less-than-obvious type of pollution.

7 Feb. Washington Post. Puerto Rico plans to kill iguanas, export meat to help eradicate species. A news piece from a student: turning a conservation problem into food.

6 Feb. New York Times. Crossed Fingers for a Threatened Butterfly. Restoration of a different butterfly to the one I talked about in class.

3 Feb. New York Times. Delaware: Some Sturgeon Declared to Be Endangered.

3 Feb. New York Times. A Whooping Crane Migration Will Finish By Truck. We'll talk about crane reintroduction later in the semester.

2 Feb. Aukland Now. 'Extinct' bird shows signs of breeding. A real rediscovery.

1 Feb. BBC News. Trumpets of outrage in the outback. "Re-wilding" Australia - an approach we'll discuss later in the class.

31 Jan. BBC News. Pythons linked to Florida Everglades mammal decline.

30 Jan. BBC News. Accumulating 'microplastic' threat to shores. Where does most plastic pollution come from?

24 Jan. CNN. New species discovered in South American jungle.

24 Jan. BBC News. 'Peak timber' concerns in tropics.

24 Jan. New York Times. Mercury’s Harmful Reach Has Grown, Study Suggests.

23 Jan. BBC News. Bees 'could deter vandals' at Greenfield heritage park. A novel ecosystem service ...

17 Jan. BBC News. White-nose syndrome ravages North America bat numbers.

16 Jan. New York Times. Preparing to Live With Wolves.

17 Dec. The Economist. Frog-hunters of the Western Ghats.

News articles posted in previous years are listed in the following documents: 2008 2009-10