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=== Organization for Tropical Studies Representative===
=== Organization for Tropical Studies Representative===
*Member(s): D.Wagner, C. Simon
*Member(s): D.Wagner, C. Garcia-Robledo
*Summary: pass on information from OTS to UCONN, assist students in applications
*Summary: pass on information from OTS to UCONN, assist students in applications
*Effort: as needed
*Effort: as needed

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EEB Committees
Please add your name (and your name only!) to any committees you are on, and add entries for committees that do not yet have an entry here (feel free to copy/paste information about a committee from the now-obsolete Committees (2015) page, but of course please correct any inaccuracies after pasting!).



Major Extramural Professional Service

President of Professional Society

  • P. Lewis (Society of Systematic Biologists, Past-President 2016)
  • B. Goffinet (International Association of Bryologists)

University-level and College-level Committees

Please alphabetize within sections!

AAUP EEB Faculty Representative

  • Members(s): D. Les
  • Summary: meet with AAUP representatives and AAUP department representatives to discuss relevant issues
  • Effort: meets several times per semester

CLAS Committee on Curricula and Courses

  • Members(s): P. Lewis
  • Summary: meet with representatives of all departments within CLAS to approve course proposals at the College level
  • Effort: meets 2 hours twice per month in fall semesters and once per month in spring semesters

CLAS C&C BS Subcommittee

  • Members(s): E. Adams
  • Summary:
  • Effort:

CLAS Academic Advisory Board

  • Members(s): B. Goffinet
  • Summary: CLAS wide council advising DEAN on various college level issues
  • Effort: meets 2 hours twice per semesters

Computational Biology PSM Committee

  • Members(s): J. Wegrzyn

Computational Biology Core Advisory Committee

  • Members(s): J. Wegrzyn, P. Lewis

Connecticut State Museum of Natural History Executive Committee

  • Member(s): D. Wagner (Co-Chair), N. Munro (Co-Chair)
  • Summary: Oversight of Museum activities; serve as liaison between Museum Board and staff
  • Effort: Meets several times/semester; strategic planning, staff goal setting, budget and space matters, set Board agendas, etc.

Environmental Literacy

  • Member(s): Wagner, Urban, Willig, Schultz
  • Summary: Establish environmental literacy requirements on campus
  • Effort: Multiple times per semester

Environmetal Policy Advisory Council

  • Member(s): C. Simon
  • Summary: University-wide council advising on policies for greening the university
  • Effort: Meets once or twice per semester

Environmental Science program oversight committee

  • Member(s): C. Elphick
  • Summary: Oversee Environmental Science program's curriculum, advise students
  • Effort: Meet 1-2 times per semester; advise 15-20 students (including honor's students)

Graduate School Faculty Council

  • Member(s): P. Diggle, M. Urban, A. Bush (for GSCI)
  • Summary: University-wide council setting policies for graduate students
  • Effort: Meets monthly

Honors Advising

  • Member(s): A. Bush, E. Jockusch, L. Lewis, E. Schultz, C. Simon, M. Tingley, M. Urban, Y. Yuan
  • Summary: Advise multiple honors students and represent EEB for Biology honors functions
  • Effort:one or more times per semester

Kasowitz Colloquium committee

  • Member(s): C. Elphick
  • Summary: Design and (ultimately) oversee new colloquium series focused on environmental issue
  • Effort: Multiple times per year

McNair Scholars Advisory Board

  • Member(s): E. Jockusch
  • Summary: Provide feedback to McNair program and interact with McNair students
  • Effort: Multiple times per year

Rhodes/Marshall/Mitchell Fellowship Nomination Committee

  • Member(s): E. Jockusch
  • Summary: Choose and advise applicants for Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell Fellowships
  • Effort: Multiple times per year

Teale Lecture Series organizing committee

  • Member(s): C. Elphick, Pam Diggle
  • Summary: Plan lecture series, host speakers
  • Effort: Multiple times per year


  • Member(s): M. Urban
  • Summary: University-wide trip to UN climate change talks and outreach/projects on campus
  • Effort: Multiple times per semester plus week-long trip to talks

Udall fellowship selection committee

  • Member(s): M. Urban
  • Summary: Choose and advise University applications to Morris K. Udall fellowship
  • Effort: Multiple times per year

University Senate

  • Member(s): B. Goffinet, E. Jockusch, L. Lewis, E. Schultz, D. Wagner
  • Summary: conduct University business
  • Effort: meet monthly

University Senate Curricula and Courses Committee

  • Member(s): E. Schultz
  • Summary: Review course proposals; review and propose University policies relevant to curriculum
  • Effort: meet 1.5 hours/twice per month

University Senate Scholastic Standards Committee

  • Member(s): D. Wagner
  • Summary: Review and propose University policies relevant to scholastic standards
  • Effort: meet 1.5 hours/twice per month

University Senate Faculty Standards Committee

  • Member(s): E. Jockusch
  • Summary: Review and propose University policies relevant to the faculty
  • Effort: meet 2 hours/month

University Senate Representative to the Board of Trustees (Buildings, Grounds, Environment Subcommittee)

  • Member(s): E. Jockusch
  • Summary: attend Board of Trustees meetings and BoT Building/Grounds/Environment Subcommittee Meetings
  • Effort: 1-2x per month

University General Education Oversight Committee

  • Member(s): E. Schultz (Chair), B. Goffinet
  • Summary: Assesses all proposals for course seeking to satisfy GenEd requirements
  • Effort: meet 1.5 hours/month

CLAS Biology Major Committee

  • Members(s): K. Schwenk
  • Summary: Develop mechanism/model for biology major oversight and advocacy
  • Effort: 3 one to two hour meetings fall, 2016


Department-level Committees

Please alphabetize within sections!

Advisory Committee to Head

  • Member(s): L. Lewis, C. Elphick, E. Jockusch, E. Schultz, Janine Caira, Mike Willig
  • Summary: Advises head on departmental matters
  • Effort: Meets several times a semester and conducts other business via email

All-Biology and EEB Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium Committee

  • Member(s): M. Tingley, Y. Yuan
  • Summary: Organize the EEB departmental and All-Biology (three departments) Annual Undergraduate Research Symposia
  • Effort: Two intense weeks in the Spring semester

Bio 1000s Committee

  • Member(s): S. Herrick, A. Fry, P. Diggle

Biodiversity Research Collections Committee

  • Member(s): J. Caira, B. Goffinet (chair), C. Jones, D. Les, E. Schultz
  • Summary: assess activities and strategies for the collection; chair report annually to EEB head
  • Effort: once a semester

BS/MS Steering Committee

  • Member(s): E. Schultz (Chair), C. Simon, C. Elphick, P. Diggle, K. Schwenk
  • Summary: Interview students for BS/MS degrees, advise on matters relating to BS/MS program
  • Effort as needed

Center for Conservation and Biodiversity

  • Member(s): D. Wagner, M. Tingley, C. Elphick, P. Diggle
  • Summary: Advisory board; CCB awards
  • Effort: as needed

CONN Herbarium

  • Member(s): D. Les (Director)
  • Summary:
  • Effort:

Courses and Curriculum Committee

  • Member(s): Adams (Chair), P. Lewis, Diggle
  • Summary: Advise faculty in preparing course proposals; bring new course proposals to EEB faculty vote; transmit course proposals to CLAS CCC; submit proposals to the Senate and GEOC
  • Effort: Meets several times/semester on as-needed basis; preparation of proposals.

EEB Collections Committee (=Biodiversity Research Collections Committee?)

  • Member(s): J. Caira, D. Les, C. Jones
  • Summary:
  • Effort:

EEB Fundraising Committee

  • Member(s): Caira, Urban, Schlichting
  • Summary: Raise outside funds
  • Effort: Multiple times per semester

EEB Graduate Teaching Awards

  • Member(s): E. Schultz (Chair), D. Les, M. Rubega
  • Summary: Reviews nominations and applications for EEB Excellence in Student Teaching Award
  • Effort: 5+ hrs/year

Introductory Biology Teaching Award

  • Member(s): D. Wagner
  • Summary: Solicitation and review nominations, write award letters, etc.
  • Effort: 5+ hrs/year

EEB Graduate Student Handbook

  • Member(s): E. Jockusch, C. Elphick, Y. Yuan
  • Summary: Update graduate student handbook
  • Effort: Update fully once/year

EEB Greenhouse Committee

  • Member(s): C. Jones, C. Morse
  • Summary: Oversee greenhouse
  • Effort: variable

EEB Greenhouse Building Planning Committee

  • Member(s): C. Jones, C. Morse, B. Goffinet
  • Summary: Oversee design of new greenhouses, meet with architects
  • Effort: variable

EEB Shared Molecular Facilities

  • Member(s): E. Jockusch. B. Goffinet
  • Summary: Oversee equipment, training and billing for departmental molecular facilities
  • Effort: variable

EEB Seminar Committee

  • Member(s): Tingley
  • Summary: Invite speakers, organize weekly seminars
  • Effort: Weekly

EEB Space

  • Member(s): E. Schultz
  • Summary: track office and lab space assignments
  • Effort: ongoing

Gant Building Planning Committee

  • Member(s): E. Jockusch, B. Goffinet
  • Summary: Meet with architects, Department to plan new EEB space in Gant
  • Effort: Variable; weekly at times

Grad Research Awards (Botany)

  • Member(s): B. Goffinet, D. Les, Y. Yuan
  • Summary: Distribute summer awards
  • Effort: Several times, spring semester

Grad Research Awards (Zoology)

  • Member(s): Wells, Elphick, Garcia-Robledo
  • Summary: Distribute summer awards
  • Effort: Several times, spring semester

Graduate Admissions and Awards Committee AKA GAAC!

  • Member(s): D. Wagner, E. Jockusch, M. Urban, B. Goffinet, C. Elphick
  • Summary: Admit students, administer summer funding, award demis, assign TAships, advocate for grads; all things graduate student
  • Effort: Variable; nearly weekly spring semester

Organization for Tropical Studies Representative

  • Member(s): D.Wagner, C. Garcia-Robledo
  • Summary: pass on information from OTS to UCONN, assist students in applications
  • Effort: as needed

PTR (Promote, Tenure, and Reappointment)

  • Member(s): L. Lewis, C. Simon, M. Urban, C. Jones, K. Schwenk (Chair)
  • Summary: Ensure that packets are complete and letters are secured for those coming up for tenure/promotion
  • Effort): Several times per semester

Search Committee (2016-2017)

  • Member(s): Jockusch, Urban, Elphick, Willig, Bagchi
  • Summary: Run job search
  • Effort: Meets often

Vertebrate Research Collections Committee

  • Member(s): E. Jockusch, M. Willig, M. Rubega, E. Schultz (chair)
  • Summary: Oversee vertebrate collections
  • Effort: Meets monthly at most

Undergraduate Committee

  • Member(s): P. Diggle, C. Jones, E. Schultz, M. Davis, M. Fineguera
  • Summary: Enhance EEB undergrad experience
  • Effort: 1-2 hours/week normally, more for special events

Undergraduate Lab Safety Working Group

  • Member(s): S. Herrick
  • Summary:
  • Effort:

EEB Rep for UConn Open Houses

  • Member(s): K. Schwenk
  • Summary: Help to recruit undergraduates to UConn biology program; give two public presentations per Open House
  • Effort: Two Sundays per academic year, plus prep work

Website Advisory Committee

  • Member(s): P. Lewis, Wegrzyn, M. Rubega, B. Goffinet
  • Summary: Advises the EEB webmaster on the most effective way to portray EEB via its web site
  • Effort: meets several times per semester


Geoscience Committees

  • Member(s): A. Bush
  • I'm just going to list all this in one place since it doesn't affect the rest of EEB but counts towards my service
  • Graduate Committee Chair: organize graduate admissions, revise graduate student policies, various other issues. Effort: a lot.
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee member: revise undergraduate course requirements and policies. Effort: approx. monthly
  • Awards Committee member: coordinate Center awards; nominate faculty for awards. Effort: as needed
  • Space Committee member: assist in planning space usage. Effort: as needed.