Classic Works in Evolutionary Biology Seminar

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Course Information

Instructors: Kurt Schwenk and Elizabeth Jockusch
Meeting time: Mondays 9:05-10:00
Meeting place: Bamford Room


Classic Works in Evolutionary Biology Complete List
Ned Friedman's page on early evolutionists Link

Discussion Schedule

Date Discussion Leader(s) Readings Additional Resources
Jan 23 Kurt & Elizabeth Paley (1802) Pdficon small.gif Lamarck (1809) Pdficon small.gif Elliot (1914) introduction to Lamarck Pdficon small.gif
Jan. 30 Elizabeth & Kurt Darwin & Wallace (1858); With new introduction by Michael Ghiselin Pdficon small.gif Original, published version of Darwin & Wallace (1858) Pdficon small.gif
Feb. 6 Andrew & Annette Population Genetic Groundwork for the Modern Synthesis

Focus of Discussion:

Wright (1932)Pdficon small.gif—includes adaptive landscape metaphor


Fisher (1918)Pdficon small.gif—Mendelian inheritance, pp. 399-401, 432(end)-433
Haldane (1924) Pdficon small.gif—mathematical theory of selection, pp. 19, 37(end)-39
Pdficon small.gif Wright's (1960) perspective on the history of genetics
Pdficon small.gif James Crow's obituary of Wright
Pdficon small.gif Fisher Retrospective
Feb. 13 Snow Day
Feb. 20 Austin Excerpt from Dobzhansky (1937) Genetics and the Origin of Species
Pdficon small.gif Chapter 8-Isolating Mechanisms

Also have a look at Dobzhansky's work on isolating mechanisms in Drosophila

Pdficon small.gif Dobzhansky (1936); read "The Problem" and "Discussion"
Pdficon small.gif Dobzhansky (1937); read "Introduction" and "Summary"
Bateson (1909) includes statement of Dobzhansky-Muller incompatibility model of speciation
Pdficon small.gif H. J. Muller (1942) on the genetics of isolating mechanisms
Pdficon small.gif Emerson's (1938) review of Genetics and the Origin of Species
Pdficon small.gif Ayala's (1985) Dobzhansky Memoir
Pdficon small.gif Orr (1996) reflections on Dobzhansky and the genetics of speciation
Feb. 27 Kristen
Pdficon small.gif G. G. Simpson (excerpt from The Major Features of Evolution, 1953)
 :Pdficon small.gif Whittington's (1986) Simpson memoir
March 6 Eliza E. Mayr (excerpt from Animal Species and Evolution) if short on time, skip pp. 535-546
Pdficon small.gif Excerpts from Mayr (1963) Animal Species and Evolution
March 20 Botanical synthesizers: G. L. Stebbins (Variation and Evolution in Plants) and E. Anderson (Introgressive Hybridization)
March 27
April 3
April 10
April 17
April 24 Kate Evolution at two levels in humans and chimpanzees (