Caylee Falvo

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Caylee Falvo

Institution: Colorado State University
Current Position: Master’s Student in Lise Aubry’s lab (
Arrival/Departure: Arrives Thursday, January 18th at 4:20pm Southwest; Departs Saturday, January 20th at 9:35am
Interview Host: Kevin Keegan
Housing Host: Kevin Keegan and Austin Spence

Caylee Falvo's CV - File:Falvo CV.pdf

Friday, January 19, 2018

Time Name Location
8:30 Breakfast with Kevin Keegan & Austin Spence 3U Merrow Road
9:30 Campus Tour with Kevin Keegan
10:00 Johanna Harvey TLS381
10:30 Carlos Garcia-Robledo PBB 217
11:00 Kaitlin Gallagher & Pancho Concha
11:30 Lunch with graduate students Fishbowl 203
1:00 Sarah Knutie TLS383
1:30 Robert Bagchi BioPharm 205C
2:00 Erin Kuprewicz BioPharm 600A
2:30 Janine Caira TLS 483
3:00 Jill Wegrzyn ESB 306C
3:30 Elizabeth Jockusch PharmBio 305B
4:00 Knutie Undergrads - Alyssa Addesso & Lauren Albert TLS383
5:00 Dinner with Knutie Lab
~6:00 Grad Student "Bar Week"
7:00 Return to Kevin and Austin’s