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'''Phone:''' 518-573-3091<br>
'''Phone:''' 518-573-3091<br>
'''E-mail:''' [mailto:brigette.zacharczenko@gmail.com Brigette Zacharczenko]<br>
'''E-mail:''' [mailto:brigette.zacharczenko@gmail.com Brigette Zacharczenko]<br>
==About Me==
===Science interests===
*I have always loved insects. When I was 7 years old I decided I wanted to be an entomologist... and look at me now!
*I am most interested in systematics, evolution, and behavior of insects.
*I enjoy blacklighting to capture moths, and rearing caterpillars in the lab.
===Non-science interests===
*I am an avid crossfitter at [http://crossfitstorrs.com/ Crossfit Storrs].
*I have several pets including two rabbits, three snakes, one gecko, one salamander, and a bunch of guppies.
*If I'm not at school or caring for my pets, I am probably sewing. Since 2007 I have run my sewing business, [http://weirdbuglady.com Weird Bug Lady], on Etsy.com. I make plush toys of insects and other animals.
===Places to find me on the internet===
[http://caterpillarblog.com CaterpillarBlog]<br>
[http://weirdbuglady.com Weird Bug Lady]<br>
[http://weirdbuglady.deviantart.com/ deviantART]<br>
[http://www.flickr.com/photos/weirdbuglady/ Flickr]<br>
[http://www.facebook.com/WeirdBugLady Facebook - Weird Bug Lady]<br>
[http://www.facebook.com/brigette.zacharczenko Facebook - me]<br>
[http://twitter.com/weirdbuglady Twitter]
'''Ph.D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology'''<br>
2010 - present<br>
University of Connecticut, Storrs<br>
'''B.Sc. Applied Zoology'''<br>
You can learn all about me at my new website: [http://www.brigettevalencia.com BrigetteValencia.com]
McGill University<br>
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Macdonald Campus
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==Publications and presentations==
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Contact Information

Mailing address:
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Connecticut
75 North Eagleville Road
Storrs, CT 06269

Office: TLS 473
Phone: 518-573-3091
E-mail: Brigette Zacharczenko

You can learn all about me at my new website: BrigetteValencia.com