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EEB 5894–005: Seminar in Ornithology

This page lists weekly meetings of the UConn Bird Group. Students (grads and undergrads) who are doing research in our labs and who are able to attend on a regular basis should sign up for 1 credit to participate in this class. Students doing research are expected to present at least once a semester; if time permits, twice may be possible. Presentations can include research updates, a paper from the literature, stats questions, practice talk, or other items that benefit from a large, diverse group of ornithologists. Students will need a permission number to enroll; please contact whoever your adviser is.

Please note that the goal of these sessions is for EVERYONE to be engaged and participate in a discussion of the topic at hand. Students should come ready to contribute to the conversation every week. Those of us on the faculty side have a tendency to ramble on and dominate the conversation. We'll try not to do this, but it will be easier for us to behave if you all come with lots to say. If you're new to the group don't worry about asking "dumb questions". They're often the most important ones as they either make the rest of us think about things that we've got complacent about or they show us that we're not communicating things very well.

Meeting time: Tuesdays 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. (although we try to keep meetings to 1hr15 if possible)

Location: Bamford Room (TLS 171b)

If you have other ideas for things worth discussing (especially relating to professional development), please talk to one of the faculty. Past topics that we have discussed include: how to put together a CV for grad schools/job applications, ethics in research, how to write proposals, the mechanics of managing research funds, etc., etc.

Graduate students can sign up to present by logging in to EEBedia and just editing this page. Undergraduates should talk to one of the faculty.

If there is a published paper to read, please put in a link to it. Note, that the actual papers probably will not be accessible unless you are on a computer connected to the UConn network (you can connect from any computer via the UConn library homepage:

If the date you want is already taken and it says in the notes that it is OK to switch to another date, go ahead and do so (but don't switch someone to a date when they say they will not be there .. and double-check with them that the switch is OK).

Starting Fall 2018: Key Avian Papers in Ornithology and the Ornithologists Who Wrote Them (KAPOOWWTs) Click here

Ladder of Feedback worksheet

Week of: Who Topic Notes
22 Jan –––––––––––––––– Intro session
29 Jan Austin KAPOOWWT Wingfield et al. 1998 Sarah gone. Rescheduled on March 12
5 Feb Grace Reviewing papers BES primer on peer review
12 Feb Sam KAPOOWWT Cracraft 2001 Chris gone
19 Feb Eliza Fahrig 2017
26 Feb Andrew Sherry & Holmes 1996 KAPOOWWT with Sherry and Holmes
5 Mar Margaret Making effective figures
12 Mar Austin KAPOOWWT Wingfield et al. 1998
26 Mar Eliza practice SCO-SOC talk (or Aus poster)
2 Apr Sam practice NEAFWA talk
9 Apr Kevin KPOOWWTT MacArthur 1958
16 Apr Austin Practice AOS Talk
23 Apr
30 Apr Andrew practice AOS talk
–––––––––––––––– EXAM WEEK - semester wrap-up