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EEB 5895: Invest Sp Topics

This page lists weekly meetings of the Rubega/Elphick labs. Students (grads and undergrads) who are doing research in our labs and who are able to attend on a regular basis should sign up for 1 credit to participate in this class. Grad students are expected to present twice a semester, with at least one presentation an update of some part of your research (the other can be on whatever is helpful to you with your research - a paper from the literature, stats questions, practice talk, etc., etc.). Undergraduates should expect to present something on their research once a semester. If you need a permission number, please contact Margaret or Chris (depending on who your adviser is).

Meeting time: Mondays 12-1:30

Location: BioPharmacy 3rd floor fish bowl (PBB 303)

If you have other ideas for things worth discussion (especially relating to professional development, please talk to Margaret or Chris). Past topics that we have discussed include: how to put together a CV for grad schools/job applications, ethics in research, how to write proposals, the mechanics of managing research funds, etc., etc.

Graduate students can sign up to present by logging in to EEBedia and just editing this page. Undergraduates should talk to Margaret or Chris.

If there is a published paper to read, please put in a link to it. Note, that the actual papers probably will not be accessible unless you are on a computer connected to the UConn network (you can connect from any computer using uconn vpn and your netID).

If the date you want is already taken and it says in the notes that it is OK to switch to another date, go ahead and do so (but don't switch someone to a date when they say they will not be there .. and double-check with them that the switch is OK).

Week of: Who Topic Notes
26th Jan Diego Something...
2nd Feb Trina Sparrows and Space No reading for today
9th Feb Trina and Sue Science Writing Discussion Plea for Scientific Writing (sent by email)
16th Feb CANCELED Woodcock stuff
23rd Feb Tanner Chimney swift poster for CCNR. Also, project status and future ideas
9th Mar SPRING BREAK CCNR is today
16th Mar Nancy Practice Job talk for Interview at Gettysburg College
23rd Mar Alejandro Findings from the Smithsonian and new perspectives
30th Mar Sue Sparrow habitat model
6th Apr Alejandro Practice talk for the WOS/AFO meeting
13th Apr Brian pictures of woodcock testes his words ...
20th Apr Kevin Update on Monk Parakeet project
27th Apr Margaret why not to use the passive voice in science writing Read This and bring an example of a piece of scientific writing in the passive voice.