BIO2289 Spring 2012

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Course Information

Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Jockusch
Contact information: office BioPharm 305B, phone 486-4452, e-mail elizabeth.jockusch [at]
Meeting time: Wednesdays, 4-4:50 pm
Meeting place: BPB 131


The main goals of this course are to give you an overview of research opportunities available to undergraduates and to help prepare you to obtain a research position. This will be achieved through the following means:

  • Weekly presentations by faculty about on-going research in the three biology departments (EEB, MCB, PNB) on campus
  • Identification of off-campus summer research opportunities
  • Guidance in writing a C.V.
  • Attendance at research presentations by advanced undergraduates

Presentation Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Web page
Jan. 18 Dr. Elizabeth Jockusch Course overview Jockusch lab
Jan. 25 Dr. Kurt Schwenk, EEB TBA Schwenk lab
Feb. 1 Dr. Ted Taigen, EEB Responsible Conduct of Research (or when science goes bad) Examples
Feb. 8 Dr. Spencer Nyholm, MCB animal-bacteria symbiosis Nyholm lab
Feb. 15 Dr. Gwen Pearson, OUR UConn Undergraduate Research Support OUR home page
Feb. 22 Dr. Tasso Tzingounis, PNB TBA Tzingounis lab
Feb. 29 Dr. Barbara Mellone, MCB TBA Mellone lab
Mar. 7 Dr. Andy Moiseff, PNB TBA Moiseff lab
Mar. 21 Dr. David Goldhamer, MCB TBA Goldhamer lab
Mar. 28 TBA
Apr. 4 Dr. Robin Chazdon, EEB TBA Chazdon lab
Apr. 11 Dr. Joanne Conover, PNB TBA Conover lab
Apr. 18 Dr. Chris Simon, EEB Cicada evolution Simon lab
Apr. 25 Dr. Rahul Kanadia, PNB TBA Kanadia lab