BIO2289 Fall 2017

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Presentation Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Web page
Sept. 6 Dr. Sarah Knutie, EEB host-parasite ecology Knutie Lab
Sept. 13 Dr. Linnaea Ostroff
Sept. 20 awaiting confirmation
Sept. 27 Dr. Aiofe Heaslip, MCB biology of Toxoplasma Heaslip lab
Oct. 4 Dr. Spencer Nyholm, MCB host-microbe interactions Nyholm lab
Oct. 11 Dr. Tasso Tzingounis, PNB ion channels and epilepsy Tzingounis lab
Oct. 18 Dr. Jianjun Sen, PNB reproductive physiology and ovarian cancer Sen lab
Oct. 25 Dr. Carlos Garcia-Robledo, EEB plant-arthropod interactions in a changing world Garcoa-Robledo lab
Nov. 1 Dr. Barbara Mellone, MCB centromere regulation and genome stability Mellone lab
Nov. 8 Dr. Joanne Conover, PNB developmental neurobiology and brain stem cells Conover lab
Nov. 15 Office of Undergraduate Research SURF fellowships and other opportunities OUR
Nov. 22 Thanksgiving break
Nov. 29 Dr. Eric May, MCB computational modeling of biological systems May lab
Dec. 6 awaiting confirmation