BIO2289 Fall 2017

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Presentation Schedule

Date Presenter Topic Web page
Sept. 6 Dr. Sarah Knutie, EEB
Sept. 13 awaiting confirmation
Sept. 20 awaiting confirmation
Sept. 27 Dr. Aiofe Heaslip, MCB
Oct. 4 Spencer Hyholm
Oct. 11 Dr. Tasso Tzingounis, PNB Ion channels and epilepsy [ Tzingounis lab]
Oct. 18 Dr. Jianjun Sen, PNB
Oct. 25 Dr. Carlos Garcia-Robledo, EEB
Nov. 1 Dr. Barbara Mellone, MCB
Nov. 8 Dr. Dr. Joanne Conover, PNB Stem cells in adult brains Conover lab
Nov. 15 awaiting confirmation
Nov. 22 Thanksgiving break
Nov. 29 Dr. Eric May, MCB
Dec. 6 awaiting confirmation