Andrew Bush

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Assistant Professor of Paleobiology
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
and Center for Integrative Geosciences
University of Connecticut

Contact Information

Email: andrew.bush [at]
Office (EEB): Torrey Life Sciences 472
Office (Geo): Beach 240
Phone (EEB): 860-486-9359
Phone (Geo): 860-486-9385
Fax: 860-486-6364

Research Interests (click for more info)

  • Changes in marine biodiversity and ecology through the Phanerozoic
  • Ecologic gradient analyses of patchy paleoecologic distributions
  • Duration and effects of the Late Devonian (Frasnian/Famennian) extinction
  • Upper Devonian stratigraphy in the Appalachian Basin
  • Statistical properties of evolutionary rates and the causes of evolutionary stasis


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  • Bambach, R. K., A. M. Bush, and D. H. Erwin. 2007. Autecology and the filling of ecospace: key metazoan radiations. Palaeontology:50:1–22.
  • Bush, A. M., M. Kowalewski , A. Hoffmeister , R. K. Bambach, and G. M. Daley. In press. Potential paleoecologic biases from size-filtering of fossils. Palaios.
  • Bush, A. M. 2006. Crime Scene Investigation—Permian. Review of Erwin, D. H. 2006. Extinction: How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago. Science 311: 1868-1869.
  • Bush, A. M., and R. K. Bambach. 2004. Did alpha diversity increase during the Phanerozoic? Lifting the veils of taphonomic, latitudinal, and environmental biases in the study of paleocommunities. Journal of Geology 112:625–642.
  • Bush, A. M., M. J. Markey, and C. R Marshall. 2004. Removing bias from diversity curves: the effects of spatially organized biodiversity on sampling-standardization. Paleobiology 30:666–686.
  • Bush, A. M., M. G. Powell, W. S. Arnold, T. M. Bert, and G. M. Daley. 2002. Time-averaging, evolution, and morphologic variation. Paleobiology 28:9–25.