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Xavier University
Xavier University
'''Social media'''
[http://darwin.eeb.uconn.edu/uncommon-ground Uncommon Ground] (Kent Holsinger's blog)
Twitter (echoed from Uncommon Ground)

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Chronicle of Higher Education



Inside Higher Ed


OSNA job board

Physiological Ecology ESA jobs board

SCB job board

Science Careers

Society for the Study of Evolution jobs board

Texas A&M Wildlife job board


Cambridge University


Howard University

Idaho State (Pocatello)

Kansas State

Loma Linda University

Memorial University of Newfoundland

New Mexico State

Newcastle University

Oklahoma State

Penn State

Purdue University

Stony Brook University

Texas A & M (Corpus Christi)

Texas State (San Marcos)

Tufts University

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Davis (Muir Center)

University of Colorado, Boulder

University of Colorado (Colorado Spgs)

University of Delaware

University of Kent (Durrell Institute)

University of Maine, Orono

University of Maryland

University of Nevada, Reno

University of New Mexico

University of Oregon

University of Texas (El Paso, Permian Basin)

University of Tulsa

West Texas A&M University

West Virginia State

Xavier University

Social media

Uncommon Ground (Kent Holsinger's blog)

Twitter (echoed from Uncommon Ground)