2015 Biological Photo Contest

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This page showcases the entries to the 2015 Biological Photo Contest. Voting will commence in the week preceding the Grad Symposium with winners announced at the end of the Symposium. To enter, send your full resolution photo and caption to kaitlin.gallagher@uconn.edu and it will be put on this page.


Photo by Chris Simon
This singing Amphipsalta cingulata male "clapping cicada" from Miramar, Wellington, NZ, is probably only days old because the tiny silvery setae covering his body are still very much in tact and reflecting the sunlight. Note the long straw-like sucking beak, spotted compound eyes, and “nose” (cibarial pump) like the grill of a 1940 Oldsmobile. - Chris Simon
Photo by Brigette Zacharczenko
Two opiliones engaged in a passionate embrace (they're doing it). - Brigette Zackarczenko
Photo by Jeffrey Divino
A day in the life of a two-headed stickleback.

Bill: "Hey, Marty, you hungry?"

Marty: "Starving, Bill. We're growing sticklebacks, aren't we?"

B: "I think I saw some brine shrimp over there in the left corner of the tank."

M: "Uh...Your left or mine?"

B: "Geesh, Marty - I dunno, just look with each of your eyes. You tell me!"

M: "Ok, ok...no need to get all cranky. Somebody's got a case of the Mondays. Alright I see them."

B: "Good, so on the count of three, you stroke once with your fin, then me, then you, then me."

M: "Fine but could you lay off the tail flipping this time? We don't want to scare them off...again!"

B: "Would you just forget about it, already? Why do you always blame me every time we strike out?"

M: "Look - I'm just saying to not get too excited on the chase, like you always do."

B: "Well, fine! If you think you can hunt all by yourself, then go right ahead. You do all the swimming; I'll just watch."

M: "Dammit, Bill - don't start this pity party again! Can we just get something to eat, please?"

- Jeffrey Divino


Photo by Nora Mitchell
To go along with our Connecticut state flower (Kalmia latifolia), a verse from the Connecticut state song:

"Yankee Doodle went to town,

Riding on a pony,

Stuck a feather in his hat,

And called it macaroni."

- Nora Mitchell


Photo by Hannah Gousse
Its a photo of Saguaro cactuses taken somewhere on the road between Flagstaff and Phoenix AZ. - Hannah Gousse