2014 Biological Photo Contest

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This page showcases the entries to the 2014 Biological Photo Contest. Voting will commence in the week preceding the Grad Symposium with winners announced at the end of the Symposium. To enter, send your full resolution photo and caption to william.ryerson@uconn.edu and it will be put on this page.


Photo by Nora Mitchell
Details of a Leucospermum (Proteaceae) inflorescence at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, South Africa. -Nora Mitchell
Photo by Ellen Woods
The ferny little thing called love. -Ellen Woods
Photo by Dustin Ray
Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) at sunset, Joshua Tree National Park, CA. -Dustin Ray
Photo by Alyssa Borowske
Dubbed the "Angel Oak Tree" by locals, this enormous South Carolina Live Oak is considered to be the oldest tree on the Eastern Seaboard. Within the last month, an environmental group won a law-suit against a company that wanted to develop the land on which this oak has grown for the last several hundred years... -Alyssa Borowske
Photo by Simona Augyte
Frozen bladderwack. -Simona Augyte


Photo by Nicole Freidenfelds
Like the legend of the phoenix
All ends with beginnings
What keeps the planet spinning
The force of love beginning
- Nicole Freidenfelds
Photo by Jimmy Bernot
Male and female white-tailed ptarmigan in a field of lupin in Denali National Park, AK -Jimmy Bernot
Photo by Brigette Zacharczenko
Acronicta lepetita caterpillar says hello (reared from wild caught female in Boerne, TX). -Brigette Zacharczenko
Photo by Johana Goyes-Vallejos
Everyone enjoying the beginning of the summer has heard the gray tree frogs Hyla versicolor calling from up in the trees, but few shall catch sight of them blending with the bark and lichen. Because this my friend, is the master of camouflage that has awakened from his long winter sleep. -Johana Goyes-Vallejos
Photo by Suman Neupane
Long-horned orb-weaver spider ( Macracantha arcuata Fabricius) found in the Tak province of Thailand. -Suman Neupane
Photo by Francisco Concha
First seconds of a baby skate out of the nice and secure egg capsule. -Francisco Concha
Photo by Tim Moore
A Buprestid beetle found under a shrub in Namaqualand - Northern Cape, South Africa. -Tim Moore
Photo by Holly Brown
Check my faux-hawk. Don’t be jealous. -Holly Brown
Photo by Benedict Gagliardi
"Who's that knockin' on my cabin door?!"

Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo alvarius), Santa Rita Experimental Range, Pima Co., AZ, 2011 -Ben Gagliardi


Photo by Karolina Fucikova
Kangaroos near the Melbourne airport. -Karolina Fucikova
Photo by Kaitlin Gallagher
Bahama beach view. -Kaitlin Gallagher
Photo by Louise Lewis
Icebergs calved from a nearby glacier in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. We knew it was going to be a good day in the field! -Louise Lewis
Photo by Jon Velotta
Sunset on the water, Belize. -Jon Velotta
Photo by Alejandro Rico-Guevara
An exceptionally calm Southern Ocean still shows glimpses of its strength and the power that carved out these remarkable cliffs. Tasman Island, Tasmania. -Alejandro Rico-Guevara
Photo by Hamid Razifard
Nature vs. Homo sapiens. The bird nest was removed by the staff of this megastore a week after I took these pictures. -Hamid Razifard
Photo by Kristiina Hurme
Brown-bellied swallows (Notiochelidon murina) feast on the insects swept up with the rising clouds at sunset. El Silencio, Subachoque, Colombia. -Kristiina Hurme
Photo by Hayley Kilroy-Mollmann
From atop Table Mountain, the setting sun lights up the southern sky over the sandstone mountain ridge that winds its way towards the Cape of Good Hope. Although it's a misconception that the Cape of Good Hope forms the southern tip of Africa, it's easy to simultaneously feel like you're at the top and the bottom of the world here. -Hayley Kilroy-Mollmann