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Insect Systematics, Morphology, Evolution & Biology
Course #: EEB 5895 Section 028
Date/time: Monday 12:20-1:15
Location: TLS 313
Contact: David Wagner, Kevin Keegan
Course page uploads: Kevin Keegan


Our entomology meetings are open to graduate students, undergraduate students, employees, alumni and friends who are interested in entomology.
Our labs (Wagner, Henry, Simon, and Garcia-Robledo) have a variety of foci hovering around Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, Hemiptera, Neuroptera, Coleoptera, Odonata, and Acari.
The main goals of these meetings are to:

  • Practice presenting papers and facilitating discussion on relevant topics in entomology
  • Brainstorm research ideas and present results
  • Tell biology-related jokes

Participants are encouraged to attend every lab meeting, read every paper, and come prepared with questions.
Entomology related show-and-tell is always welcome in the form of specimens (alive or dead), articles, books, or PowerPoint presentations. All students taking this meeting for credit (and all others who wish to participate) should sign up to present a paper at least once per semester. If you would like to take this meeting for credit, email David Wagner to request a permission number. The schedule below lists our meeting dates.

Email Kevin Keegan to reserve your date -or-
Grad students may edit this page and add themselves

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Recent Articles (Ripe for Discussion!)

Email Kevin Keegan if you have any additions for the recent articles list

A Novel Form of Stereo Vision in the Praying Mantis

Testing the role of the Red Queen and Court Jester as drivers of the macroevolution of Apollo butterflies

Climate Change Shrinks Beetles


****Please send a PDF of or link to the paper you are to discuss to Kevin AT LEAST by the Friday before you are to present****

Presentation schedule Spring 2018

Date Name Paper and presentation Show-and-tell
January 22 Dave Organizational Matters, Bad Science
January 29 Dave Discussion of "A Triassic-Jurassic window into the evolution of Lepidoptera"
February 5 Christina Discussion of "Ode to Ehrlich and Raven or how herbivorous insects might drive plant speciation"
February 12 Katie and Kevin Grad Symposium Practice
February 19 Dave Purbita calls in to present on blackness in birds and leps, Discussion of "Most insect studies lack crucial species information"
February 26 Dave Discussion of When is it Coevolution? and Diffuse Coevolution Within Complex Communities
March 5 Christian Discussion of Costs and benefits of plant allelochemicals in herbivore diet in a multi enemy world
March 19 Tanner Dave's Anza-Borrego Travel Log, Discussion of "Patterns of temporal and enemy niche use by acommunity of leaf cone moths (Caloptilia) coexisting on maples (Acer) as revealed by metabarcoding"
March 26 Kevin Baja Travel Log (pending ransom payment)
April 2 Weston  ?
April 9
April 16
April 23

Lab Events

Lepidoptera Family Lectures

Lepidoptera Family Lectures


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Moth puddling
Hyalophora cecropia moths enjoying a private moment in the lab