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Postdoctoral Associate

Office: BioPharmacy 322
Voice: (860) 486-6215
Fax: (860) 486-6364
E-mail: inigo.martinez-solano@uconn.edu

Mailing address:
75 N. Eagleville Road, U-3043
Storrs, CT 06269


Molecular systematics of slender salamanders (Batrachoseps)


The genus Batrachoseps comprises 19 species of lungless salamanders endemic to California, Oregon and Baja California. The taxonomy of the group is still largely unresolved due to extreme morphological similarity between genetically well-differentiated species. Our aim is to compile a multilocus dataset including mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequence data from a geographically comprehensive set of samples to 1) aid in problems of species delineation, 2) identify contact zones between species and characterize potential instances of gene flow between well-differentiated taxa, 3) recover their phylogenetic relationships, and 4) reconstruct the biogeographic history of the group.

Systematics, biogeography and conservation of Iberian amphibians


The Iberian Peninsula hosts one of the most rich amphibian faunas in western Europe due to its role as a refugial area during cold periods in the Pleistocene. My research has focused in characterizing patterns of genetic variation using both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA markers in Iberian amphibians. Most species studied so far show deep genetic breaks consistent with survival in different refugial areas, as well as demographic histories characterized by marked population bottlenecks and subsequent recoveries following climatic cycles. These studies have allowed delineation of intraspecific groups of populations sharing a common evolutionary history (Evolutionary Significant Units, or ESUs) for conservation purposes.


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