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Discussion Groups

Informal discussion groups hosted by EEB, which are not currently associated with any for-credit courses.

EvoDevo Discussion Group


Evolutionary developmental biology (or "evo-devo") is a growing and integrative field that draws on many biological disciplines. This informal, interdepartmental discussion group takes a broad approach and considers many fields of investigation relevant to evo-devo. This has included topics such as...

  • comparative ontogenetics,
  • morphological evolution,
  • the evolution of genomic structure,
  • gene co-option,
  • questions of genetic and morphological homologies,
  • developmental plasticity,
  • genetic assimilation,
  • the roles that genomic and ontogenetic features may play in isolation,
  • phylogenetic consideration of ontogenetic characters,
  • modeling of genetic, developmental, or cellular processes in evolution,
  • the role of genetic and protein networks in evolution,
  • cross fertilization among these and other biological disciplines, such as medicine, biochemistry, and biogeography,
  • and much more!

Weekly meetings are typically organized around recent literature, or a participant's manuscript, and suggestions are always welcome. Student and faculty participants from all feilds are welcome! For more information visit