Joint B.S./M.S. degree program in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology




BS course audit form. This form is for prospective students who already have a Bachelor's degree from somewhere other than UConn's EEB department. The form allows you to conduct a "self audit" to determine what additional courses (i.e., other than the basic M.S. requirements) you would need to take if you joined the program.


Application forms. All of the forms needed to apply to the graduate school are available at this link.


Plan of Study form. This link takes you to the graduate school's web site, where they have all of their forms available. For your M.S. plan of study you will need the Plan B (non-thesis) form.


Internship "contract". This link will download a template that we suggest you use to create an agreement outlining the terms of your internship. The terms should be determined through discussion with your internship and faculty advisors.


Final exam form. This link will take you to the "Report on the final examination for Master's degree" form. Your advisor will need to fill this out after you have taken your final oral exam. You cannot graduate without this form.


Various other forms that might be needed are available from the graduate school's web site.