Environmental Biology Essay Topics

Essay Topics

Grading Rubric


Guidelines for Writing the Lab Essays

Please note: You will receive a grade penalty if these guidelines are not followed.

1. Everything must be on one or two pages only (if two pages, stapled together)

2. Must include your Name, Lab Section Number and the Title (the question or assigned topic) at the top.

3. 400-500 words, not including Name, Lab Section, Title or References.

2. Single-spaced

3. Typed

4. 12-point font size

5. Must use Times, Times New Roman, or Arial font style

6. Everything must be stated in your own words. Do not plagiarize!

7. Must include at least Three References Cited (only one of which can be Wikipedia).

8. Do not quote excessively in your essay or you may lose points for not writing in your own words.

Example Essay

Examples of how to cite references